As we have noted before, the 2019 NOHVCC Annual Conference will be in Reno, NV on October 17-19 – immediately following the start of the INOHVAA conference which begins on October 15.  NOHVCC staff and partners in Nevada continue to actively plan for the conference, and we are well on our way to providing another exciting and successful event! 

The agenda for the conference is filling up fast!  As a result, now is the time to make suggestions for topics, potential presenters or other ideas.  There are a limited number of available slots for presenters – so act quickly!  Preference will be given to ideas and topics that have not been covered recently, new presenters, and suggestions that fit well the other presentations.

Please send an email by July 10 to with any suggestions.  While there may not be enough time during the conference to cover all suggested topics – all will be considered and will be useful to NOHVCC staff as we continue planning. 

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