About Us

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is a nonprofit public benefit organization, recognized as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.  Primarily funded by the Motorcycle Industry Council, Specialty Vehicle Institute of America and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, NOHVCC exists to create a positive future for OHV Recreation.


NOHVCC, as a national body of OHV recreation enthusiasts, develops and provides a wide spectrum of programs, materials and information, or “tools”, to individuals, clubs, associations and agencies to further a positive future for responsible OHV recreation.

Mission Objectives

  • Help establish new OHV clubs and state associations where they don’t already exist;
  • Strengthen existing clubs and state associations by providing information, training and services to help them be more effective;
  • Improve and promote responsible OHV recreation management and resource protection by working in partnership with private and public land managers and recreation planners;
  • Provide and promote best management practices for OHV recreation planning, development and management to policy makers;
  • Promote a positive OHV recreation image to all publics;
  • Build a better understanding of responsible OHV recreation among all publics;
  • Build recognition and acceptance that OHV recreation is a positive activity and promotes a responsible life style;
  • Provide broad-based, ongoing educational opportunities for OHV recreationists, recreation planners and decision-makers; Provide and promote educational, safety, ethics, environmental and character-building programs for all OHV recreationists including youth; and
  • Emphasize the benefits of responsible recreation behavior and raise awareness of the impacts from irresponsible recreation activity.

Board of Directors

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Dan Kleen, President and Chairman

Pocahontas, IA


Natasha Nielsen, Secretary

Fort Dodge, IA


Wayne Briske, Treasurer

Cantonment, FL


Danny Hale

Hardwick, VT


Steve Newton

Adamsville, AL


Charles Sims

Norman, OK


Tom Niemela

Shady Cove, OR


Scott Jones

Longmont, CO


Clif Koontz

Moab, UT


Bryan Much

Oconomowoc, WI


Carol Smith


Oksana Buhel, Ex Officio

Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council

Wayne Daub, Ex Officio

All Terrain Quad Council of Canada

Geoff Jilg, Ex Officio

Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada


Marc Hildesheim, Executive Director

Post Falls, ID



Laura Feist, Executive Assistant

Great Falls, MT







NOHVCC Partners serve as a liaison between NOHVCC and motorized recreation enthusiasts in their States.  In short, Partners are volunteers who stay up to date on OHV issues in their respective States and inform NOHVCC about successes, hurdles and best practices.  NOHVCC, in turn, offers tools, knowledge from other Partners and staff, and access to experts in all aspects of OHV recreation.  Each Partner brings a unique set of experiences and skill sets to support responsible OHV recreation in his or her own State and works with Partners and other enthusiasts from across the country.