NOHVCC Partner Details and Qualifications

NOHVCC Partners serve as a liaison between NOHVCC and motorized recreation enthusiasts in his or her State.  Partners are volunteers who stay up to date on OHV issues in their respective States and inform NOHVCC about successes, hurdles, and best practices.  NOHVCC, in turn, offers Partners tools, knowledge from other Partners and staff, and access to experts in all aspects of OHV recreation.  Each Partner brings a unique set of experiences and skill sets to support responsible OHV recreation in his or her own State and works with Partners and other enthusiasts from across the country.

To see who serves as a Partner in your State here by selecting your State from the dropdown list and clicking “State Partners.”

Purpose of the Position:

Partners can be called upon to assist OHV enthusiasts in their home States in myriad ways including: organization of local clubs and/or state associations; providing educational tools, promoting safe and responsible use, participating in agency processes, etc.  This may sound like a lot – even intimidating to some – but, don’t worry, NOHVCC’s other Partners and staff will help!


Some of the many benefits of being a NOHVCC Partner include:

  • Gaining a nationwide perspective of issues impacting OHV recreation
  • Access to NOHVCC’s tools and expertise
  • Opportunity to gain experience and improve skills
  • New contacts


Responsibilities of a NOHVCC State Partner include:

  • Promoting safe and responsible OHV recreation
  • Working with others to understand and support OHV recreation in your State
  • Representing the interests of other OHV enthusiasts in your state to NOHVCC
  • Informing other enthusiasts, dealers, clubs, organizations, etc. in your State about NOHVCC and its mission
  • Working with NOHVCC to facilitate the establishment of OHV clubs and state OHV organizations
  • Attending annual NOHVCC conference (Grants to cover travel & expenses are provided to State Partners)


While the qualifications necessary to become a NOHVCC Partner are subjective, generally most Partners are leaders in the OHV communities in their respective States.  They are knowledgeable about a broad array of OHV recreation issues and are excellent communicators.  Most have long histories of involvement in local, state or regional OHV clubs and associations, often in leadership roles.

All Partners support NOHVCC’s responsible ethic in communications and in practice. 

Anyone wishing to become a NOHVCC Partner will commit to supporting safe and responsible use, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Wearing all appropriate safety gear on ALL rides (for ATVs, ROVS and dirt bikes this includes: a DOT-compliant helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves)
  • Staying on trails, routes and areas designated for OHV use
  • Never operating an OHV under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Avoiding on-highway use of vehicles designed solely for off-highway use

For more information about becoming a NOHVCC State Partner: