October 12-14, 2023, Midway, UT. Our 2023 conference assembled over 150 members of the OHV community! Below are links to the presentations and resources from the conference.

Conference presentations:

Welcome to Utah and an Overview of the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, Chase Pili, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation

Introduction of the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, the creation of the Division of Outdoor Recreation and how this new Department will move forward in providing access to recreational opportunities in Utah.

The Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation Grant Program, Tara McKee and Rachel Toker, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation

Learn how Utah utilizes state and federal funding to build new trails, improve trail access, and the many miles of OHV trails in Utah.

Creating a County Specific Trails Master Plan, Jason Blankenagel, PE, Sunrise Engineering

Learn about the benefits of creating a trails master plan for your county, and how this plan can integrate into planning and actions from the land managers in your area.

Federal Highways Administration Update, Christopher Douwes, FHWA

An update on the Recreational Trails Program and other happenings at the FHWA

RideSafe Foundation, Kristen Almer, Executive Director, Ridesafe Foundation

Kristen will present on the RideSafe Foundation and the success of our recent events, which provided powersport safety instruction to over 6,500 school children in NE Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin in just four days. We want to share our strategies and inspire others to reach more children.

Healing the East Troublesome Burn Scar, Tom Metsa, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Learning how cooperation, collaboration, and good old fashioned hard work helped restore the recreation opportunities on the East Troublesome Burn Scar in Colorado.

Fox Factory’s Trail Trust Grant Program, Amanda Scott, Fox Factory/Trail Trust (Virtual)

Fox Factory created Trail Trust to provide grants to organizations helping to preserve the places we love to play. The goal is to bring together diverse communities to build, maintain, and expand access to trails. In short, Fox wants to make sure that the thrill of the ride can live on forever.

The Role of Trails in Emergency Preparedness, Joel German, Legacy Offroad

Offroad Recovery: The Education and the Practical Use in Community

Conference session notes:

The following are notes from conference breakout sessions. 

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, Bryan Much, NOHVCC Board

Stewardship and Advocacy, Matt Eberhart, AZ State Parks

Western States/Western Canada Regional Session, Tom Niemela and Cliff Koontz, NOHVCC Board

Communication with Land Managers, Brad Colin and Dave Jeppesen, BLM; Bryan Carter

Insurance for OHV Clubs, Dan Kleen and Scott Jones, NOHVCC Board

Midwest and Central Cananda, Dan Kleen, NOHVCC ex-officio, Bryan Much and Tasha West NOHVCC Board 

East Region Meeting, Chris Gamache, Polaris

Trail Maintenance

Training the Next Generation/New Users to Be Responsible Riders, Carol Smith, NOHVCC Board

Other conference resources:

2021 Pennsylvania Bill Entitled: “An act encouraging landowners to make land and water areas available to the public for recreational purposes by limiting liability in connection therewith, and repealing certain acts,”

Alaska Snowmachine Alliance Video Presentation (Large File)

Archived conference information