Assistance Information and initiatives for land managers, club leaders and heavily engaged enthusiasts

Assistance to OHV leaders, and helping enthusiasts organize are key components of NOHVCC’s mission.  Our mission objectives include:

  • Improve and promote responsible OHV recreation management and resource protection by working in partnership with private and public land managers and recreation planners;
  • Provide and promote best management practices for OHV recreation planning, development and management to policy makers;
  • Provide broad-based, ongoing educational opportunities for OHV recreationists, recreation planners and decision-makers; Provide and promote educational, safety, ethics, environmental and character-building programs for all OHV recreationists including youth;
  • Help establish new OHV clubs and state associations where they don’t exist;
  • Strengthen existing clubs and state associations by providing information, training and services to help them be more effective;