Club Start-Up Kit

NOHVCC offers a booklet called Guidelines for Off-Highway Vehicle Clubs: A Resource Guide to Assist in the Formation, Development, and Management of OHV Recreation Enthusiast Clubs

State Association Development Workshops

NOHVCC provides State Association Development Workshops to assist local clubs in bringing together an array of diverse OHV uses like dirt bike and ATV riders and ROV and full-size four-wheel drive vehicle operators.  Statewide associations allow the OHV community to advocate as one large community to protect access and bring together the users of different types of vehicles by highlighting commonalities.  The workshops include information on the creation of by-laws, setting up meetings, membership considerations and more.  As an outside party, NOHVCC will facilitate discussion and help develop consensus.

To request the Club Start-Up Kit or receive more information on State Association Development Workshops: