When NOHVCC asked for photos of some of the outstanding riding areas managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), you stepped up and once again showed how much pride OHV enthusiasts take in our sport. Not only did you send us great pictures, many of you provided great suggestions for additional areas to add to the list. Of course, with those additions comes the need for more photos.

Please send us any photos you have of the OHV areas listed below. Pictures of trailheads, amenities (restrooms, loading ramps, kiosks, etc.), trails, and trail features are especially helpful. Photos of OHV operators without proper safety gear will not be considered.

Please send your high-quality photos, along with the location of the photos to marc@nohvcc.org. These photos will be considered for use on the new interactive OHV riding area website being created by the BLM. Once completed this website will tell you where the best OHV opportunities on BLM managed land are, how to get there, what you need to ride there, and most importantly will include quality maps of the trails.

Your support of this project and all NOHVCC efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep those pictures coming.

**New areas are in bold**

AK- White Mountains NRA CA- Jawbone Canyon CO- Grand Valley ID- Blackrock NM- Red Sands UT- Whitewash Sand Dunes
AZ- Table Mesa CA- Johnson Valley CO- North Sand Hills MT- Pipestone NM- Robledo Mountain WA- Juniper Dunes
AZ- Hot Well Dunes CO- Bangs Canyon CO- Wolford MT- Clancy Unionville NV- Sand Mountain WY- Killpecker Dunes
CA- Dumont Dunes CO- Texas Creek ID- St. Anthony Sand Dunes NM- Hackberry Lake OR- Shotgun Creek  
CA- Imperial Sand Dunes CO- Alpine Loop ID- Lombard Trail NM- Haystack Mountain UT- Little Sahara  
CA- El Mirage CO- Flat Top-Peach Valley ID- Owyhee Front NM- Mescalaro Sands UT- Swingarm City  


Photo provided by Anthony Carrino

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