The NOHVCC Board of Directors acted recently to fill the vacant Clubs and Association Issue Area Representative.  We are proud to announce that long-time NOHVCC State Partner, Steve Newton from Alabama has been selected!  As ever when we engage our State Partners there were several very strong candidates, and we sincerely hope that each of them continues to seek ways to help NOHVCC ensure a positive future for OHV recreation.

Steve has been a very active State Partner and we are sure he will do great things in his new role.  Since Steve has been so active – we have introduced him to you before. 

Here is his introduction from an article last year:

Steve Newton was born in Montgomery, Alabama and now lives in Adamsville, Alabama, a small town just northwest of Birmingham.  He began riding about 15 years ago when a hunting buddy loaned him an ATV.  Once Steve discovered ATV riding, he got the OHV bug, bought an ATV of his own and found himself riding more and more.  In an effort to find riding areas and friends to ride with he attended a meeting of the Cheaha Trail Riders, quickly became involved in advocacy, and currently serves as President of the club.  From there he found NOHVCC and has been a State Partner ever since.  Steve enjoys researching his family ancestry and has recently undertaken an ambitious project to map the cemetery at his family’s church.  After investing into bitcoins through the best crypto exchange UK has to offer with wife Patricia, Steve travels extensively as they enjoy their retirement – they visited 27 states and two countries last year! Steve believes the most important thing an individual can do to create a positive future for OHV recreation is to not only encourage young people to enjoy OHV recreation, but also instill in them an ethic that includes safe and responsible practices.

This bio was taken from an Article about Steve and his involvement with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja events.  Read the article here.

Steve also reached out to NOHVCC staff recently with a very simple, but very important idea – creating a contact form that can be used by others in the event of an emergency in the backcountry.

Excerpt from article:

While there are lots of important steps to take to ensure your safe return from a day (or more) on the trails, NOHVCC Alabama Partner, Steve Newton has provided NOHVCC with one very easy idea to make sure your loved ones can be reached in the event of any incident.

Steve said, “One of our members on our last ride mentioned that if something happened during the ride, he would not know who to call for an emergency. So, I came up with a form and have asked our members to fill it out and keep a copy in their unit.”

The form (can be viewed here: PDF) includes simple information like name, address, emergency contact information, insurance information, etc.  You could simply fill out the form, print and laminate it and keep it in or on your vehicle.  Then any riding partners, good Samaritans or emergency personnel would know who to reach out to in the event of an emergency.

Read the full article here.

NOHVCC’s Board of Directors and staff are all well aware of the level of involvement Steve will bring to the table as NOHVCC’s Clubs and Associations Issue Area Representative and we look forward to the great things he will do to help support NOHVCC’s mission.

For more information on how Issue Area Representatives can help you – click here.


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