Need Help With An OHV-Related Issue? NOHVCC’s Issue Area Representatives Can Help!

At its 2018 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids NOHVCC announced a restructuring of its Partner system. NOHVCC Teams have been replaced by an Issue Area Representative (IAR) structure.  This structure is designed to make it easier for NOHVCC Partners and others in the OHV community to access the assistance of those with knowledge in a specific area of expertise to help create a positive future for OHV recreation.

In short, IARs serve on the NOHVCC Board of Directors and can form ad hoc committees to provide you with the information and assistance you need. The current issue areas are: Public Lands, Private Lands, Youth and Education, and Clubs and Associations. 

If you are facing an issue related to one of these areas, all you need to do is contact NOHVCC at NOHVCC staff will then put you in touch with the appropriate IAR who will work with you to make sure you get the help you need!

The IARs each have specific knowledge and experience in their respective issue areas – and know who in the OHV community can help as well.  To get a sense of the type of experience that IARs possess we have included the definitions for each issue area below. Click on each person to learn a bit more about them!


Public Lands

IAR – Bryan Much

Possesses knowledge and experience related to OHV use on public lands. Ideally, the Public Lands IAR will have considerable experience dealing with public lands management agencies and personnel. This could include experience dealing with Travel and Resource Management Plans or other processes on the federal level with the Forest Service and/or the Bureau of Land Management or other agencies, and/or experience dealing with State Departments of Natural Resources, Parks or other state and local agencies.


Private Lands

IAR – Danny Hale

Possesses knowledge and experience related to OHV use on private lands. Ideally, the Private Lands IAR will have considerable experience with a broad array of issues related to private OHV facilities. This could include experience related to managing OHVs on private lands, identifying opportunities for insurance, dealing with landowners, and understanding potential pitfalls faced by owners/operators of OHV access to private lands.


Youth and Education

IAR – Carol Smith


Possesses knowledge and experience related to OHV education and safety. This can include experience developing safety and education materials and campaigns, instructing OHV safety courses, engaging youth in safety and education programs or other relevant experience.


Clubs and Associations

IAR – Steve Newton


Possesses knowledge and experience related to forming, running, and carrying out functions of effective OHV clubs and/or associations. This could include experience building a club from the ground up, forming an association of clubs or having a deep understanding of the day-to-day reality of club and/or association leadership.