Polaris Industries has signed on to be an Extreme Terrain sponsor of the 2022 NOHVCC Annual Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, August 18-20.  The Extreme Terrain level is the highest level of sponsorship indicating the strong support that Polaris has for NOHVCC and our Partners and guests who will participate in the Conference.

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NOHVCC Executive Director, Duane Taylor said, “Polaris has been a steadfast supporter of NOHVCC, and we are delighted that they stepped up to the plate to help ensure that participants in Knoxville will have a great experience.  There are going to be plenty of opportunities to learn, engage with peers, and examine best practices of other OHV enthusiasts and land managers – a sincere thanks to Polaris for playing a big role in making sure we can make this happen.”

The 2022 Conference will not only feature our traditional Mobile Workshop, and plenty of presentations about potential hurdles, opportunities, issues overcome by OHV enthusiasts, managers, agencies, and industry, we also are planning a few new wrinkles.  We hope everyone in the NOHVCC family can not only attend but participate and add to the discussion.

If you or your organization is interested in joining Polaris as a sponsor of the Conference, please see the Conference Sponsorship Package below.  Not only will sponsors benefit from engaging directly with enthusiasts and decisionmakers they will also support the continued education of the on-the-ground community who make our recreation possible by fighting for and securing access, promoting safe and responsible use, and forming the clubs, associations and groups that continue to advocate for “creating a positive future for OHV recreation.”

Please click to view/download our Conference Sponsorship Package.

Please click to view 2022 NOHVCC Annual Conference Sponsorship Guidelines.

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