At the 2023 Annual Conference elections were held to fill the many positions were available due to rotation of officers and some overlap of expiring terms caused by the pandemic. The NOHVCC Board voted to alter the Board terms to ensure that no more than half of the board positions would be up for election at a time. This was to compensate for the years when elections were not held due to the pandemic. This caused  many positions to be open for election in 2023. Positions that were available were: NOHVCC Chairman, Treasurer,  Secretary, Network Development, Clubs and Associations, Youth and Development, Public Lands, Private Lands, and 1 At-Large Member position.  

After the completion of the elections the NOHVCC board is now comprised of:

NOHVCC Chairman, Bryan Much
NOHVCC Secretary, Tasha West
NOHVCC Treasurer, Charles Sims
Network Development, Danny Hale
Private Lands, Brad Smith
Public Lands, Clif Koontz
Clubs and Associations, Steve Newton
Youth and Education, Carol Smith
At-Large Member, Mel Fish
At-Large Member, Scott Jones (existing Board Member)
At-Large Member, Tom Niemela (existing Board Member)

Welcome to all the new board members and existing members. NOHVCC has updated the NOHVCC About Us page for all of their current contact information.


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