The Utah Department of Natural Resources is seeking a Division of Outdoor Recreation Director.  Some info from UT DNR is below.  

Job Description

This is an executive level job which exercises considerable discretion and judgment in providing direction and leadership to the Division of Outdoor Recreation statewide programs including acquisition, planning, protection, development, operation, use and maintenance of state recreation programs and facilities. The incumbent in this job reports to the Executive Director and Deputy Director of the Department of Natural Resources. The incumbent directs the planning and administration of state recreation programs; works with legislature and other elected officials to define and implement state policies, statutes and rules; exerts a direct and substantial effect on the public relations of state administration generally including public advocacy and defense of administrative policy. The incumbent directs preparation of division multi-million dollar budget ensuring responsible methods of fiscal accountability and assures consistency with Executive Director’s budget guidelines; evaluates division effectiveness and maximizes efficient use of division funds and personnel; coordinates the actions of special committees, boards, and councils which are external to the agency, but which advise or otherwise influence agency policy; coordinates and communicates division goals and direction with other state, federal and local agencies and organizations to maximize resource benefits; oversees all division personnel matters; drafts pertinent proposed legislation as necessary. The incumbent in this job is appointed by the Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources and is exempt from state career service. 


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