NOHVCC continues its free webinar series on Wednesday, May 20 at 8:00PM Eastern with Preparing for the Long Haul – Be Prepared for Your Next Off-Highway Adventure. This unique webinar will feature a conversation with Eric Anderson from ROXOR, Mahindra Automotive North America and ROXOR Adventure Magazine, who will discuss how to prepare and pack your vehicle for any situation that may occur on long trips.

Eric has been an OHV enthusiast and in the powersports industry for most of his life. He has sought out OHV adventures and has a compiled a series of stories, anecdotes and tales that are sure to entertain and inform. You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear from him!

While the webinar will focus on items and gear that are necessary to have on a “long haul,” and on answering YOUR questions, Eric recently highlighted the items necessary for a “bug out bag” (the kit you absolutely need on an OHV trip) in a video for ROXOR. Check out the video to whet your appetite for the webinar:

If you have any interest in embarking on an off-highway adventure, please participate in the webinar on May 20. Also, if you simply take day or afternoon trips, much of the information Eric will share can be useful as well. Finally, Eric possesses a compelling history and demeanor – this will be fun for anyone who joins us!

Register for the free webinar here.

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