Each of NOHVCC’s previous webinars are available online.

NOHVCC staff and invited guests have covered myriad topics of importance to the OHV community, and we encourage you to visit the webinar archive to see which topics interest you most.  A brief description of each video can be found below.

While we encourage everyone who has an interest in a webinar topic to participate live, we understand that sometimes that just isn’t possible.  We also urge OHV enthusiasts and managers to check the webinar archive from time to time in case you missed something.

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“What Is NOHVCC?” Webinar

NOHVCC’s mission is to “create a positive future for OHV recreation.” How does NOHVCC strive to further that mission?  Learn more about how NOHVCC operates by viewing this recorded version of the “What is NOHVCC” webinar.  If you have ever wondered about NOHVCC’s structure, programs, projects or staff, this webinar is for you. Also, NOHVCC provides a wide range of tools, guidance and expertise to OHV enthusiasts and managers – don’t miss this opportunity to find out if you can benefit from NOHVCC’s assistance!

OHV Clubs and Associations Development Webinar

Some of the reasons people join OHV clubs include – strength in numbers, learning where to ride, and who to ride with, improving trails, cultivating communication with land management agencies, leveraging funds and resources, and FUN!  This webinar will focus on helping enthusiasts start a club or association and will be helpful for anyone who serves in a leadership role in an existing club or association, or anyone who wants to better understand how successful clubs are managed.

Introduction to Mapping and GIS Webinar

Accurate, easy-to-use maps are essential to a positive OHV experience. It is hard to have a fun day on the trails when you get lost, don’t know where to go or end up somewhere you don’t belong because a map led you astray. Geoff Chain with NOHVCC has extensive experience with all facets of creating maps and will share some of his knowledge during this webinar. This presentation is designed to introduce participators to map basics including map features, types of maps, creating maps, mapping software Geographic Information Sciences (GIS), ArcGIS, and Avenza.

Effective OHV Economic Impact Studies

Mark Imerman from Regional Strategic, Ltd. will make a presentation on economic impact modeling for the off-highway vehicle recreation industry. The presentation will provide an overview of how economic impact modeling works, the information needed, and how to ensure you get accurate results from your effort. It will also include highlights from a recently completed survey and impact modeling effort in Iowa.

Vehicle Noise Control and Management Basics

Chris Real from DPS Technical, Inc. will present Vehicle Noise Control and Management Basics as vehicle technology is evolving and motorized recreation areas have the constant pressure of managing multiple aspects of environmental protection and multiple uses. Unwanted sound or NOISE is primary topic whenever vehicles are part of the recreational environment. The presentation will provide an overview of sound control strategies including field sound testing measurement methodologies, sound measuring instruments and regulatory challenges.

Web Marketing Basics for Clubs and Associations

James Freeman from Trailhead Consultants and Ridetrails.Org will present Web Marketing Basics for Clubs and Associations. In this webinar we will discuss how to develop a simple strategy for your web marketing, how to “right-size” your organization’s web presence to meet the goals and objectives of the group, how to use online posts and activities as a tool to support your operations and growth (rather than something you have to do).

Introduction to Great Trails Workshop- What Makes a Great Trail Great?

NOHVCC’s Great Trails Workshops focus on the design, layout, construction, maintenance and management of sustainable OHV trails. Hands-on field training is emphasized. Particpants include trail managers; trail construction and maintenance supervisors and crews; engineering staff involved in trail planning, design, maintenance and construction; trail contractors; OHV club trail volunteers; and other interested stakeholders. This webinar will provide information on what makes a great trail great and will serve as an introduction to Great Trails Workshops.

Learn How To Host Rides for Veterans

What was intended to be a special, one-day event called the “Thank You For Your Service Ride,” has turned into so much more. NOHVCC Chairman and External Relations Director for the Iowa OHV Association, Dan Kleen, has no organized several veterans’ rides in Iowa (with more to come). This webinar will highlight the rides for veterans in Iowa and provide participants with all the information and tools necessary for clubs across the Country to replicate Iowa’s success.

Access to Safety Training – And How to Know if Your Child is Ready To Ride an ATV

OHV recreation equals family recreation. There are more options than ever to get outdoors and ride with family members both young and not so young. But these options make it imperative that parents make sure that their children are of an appropriate age and maturity level to operate a motorized vehicle. Thankfully the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) has some tools to help parents make informed decisions.

Working With Land Managers- A Guide To Building Positive Relationships

OHV Recreation often occurs on public lands. If OHV enthusiasts want to ensure the best possible experience when they hit the trails it will be important to get to know the land managers. It is easy to say what we would like to see (more and better opportunities), but often the land managers have unique issues to deal with that can only become obvious by working together. Tom Crimmins, US Forest Service, retired, will present on how to work with land managers in a way that results in productive two-way relationships.

Analyzing Economic Impact Studies

Economics have always played a strong role in the planning process. The economic contributions from outdoor recreation have been an area of great discussion over the last several years for a lot of reasons. However, not all research is created equally. This discussion will allow attendees to identify shortfalls or strengths of research and address the varying quality of economic contribution research that is now available.

Utah OHV Trail Hosts – A Study of Effective Volunteerism

Through the promotion of safety, education and service across 80,000 miles of motorized trail, Utah is a leader in volunteer service. An underrated population that strongly contributes to this effort are motorized enthusiasts who give back in multiple ways across the State. This webinar will specifically cover the efforts of these men and women who dedicate their time to protect their recreational access through active volunteerism.

Preparing for the Long Haul – Be prepared for Your Next Off-Highway Adventure

Eric Anderson from ROXOR, Mahindra Automotive North America and ROXOR Adventure Magazine will discuss how to prepare and pack your vehicle for any situation that may occur on long trips. The further off the grid you go and the longer you are gone increases chances you will need something you don’t have. Prepping and packing for a  long off-highway trip will require more than just the common “Bug-Out Bag.” Eric will discuss the things you absolutely need and tell some stories about how he and others survived challenges.

Vehicle Spark Arresters Past, Present and Future

Chris Real from DPS Technical, Inc. presents Vehicle Spark Arresters Past, Present and Future – a necessary webinar as vehicle technology is evolving and motorized recreation managers face the constant pressure of managing environmental protection while providing for multiple uses. Protection of resources is an important part of motorized recreation, with wildfire prevention being a critical topic. This presentation will provide a qualified overview of Spark Arresters and an evolutionary review related to the subject including field inspection methodologies. The webinar is a portion of a multi-part series that is the foundation for new field and management staff as well as a refresher for experienced staff and OHV enthusiasts.

Post Wildfire OHV Alliance – Building Capacity to Mitigate Post-Disaster Impacts to Recreation Facilities Through Volunteer and Professional Services

The Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance (PWORA) was formed to orchestrate and organize volunteers to bring back OHV, 4×4, dirt bike, and all recreational access trails after terrible fire seasons. Read more about PWORA’s first ever work weekend recovering infrastructure on the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area on BLM managed lands in Northern California here. PWORA president and NOHVCC State Partner (CA), Don Amador will lead a discussion on the formation of PWORA, describe some of its work weekends and will describe how PWORA’s success can be replicated in other areas.

Industry Update From The Motorcycle Industry Council

Motorcycle Industry Council’s President and CEO Erik Pritchard will be joined by MIC’s Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Scott Schloegel as they provide an update on the state of the powersports industry.  Topics will include vehicle sales, market realities, ongoing efforts by MIC and current government relations issues and opportunities.  You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear from and engage with key leaders in the powersports community!

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