Please see below for information about recreation/OHV job opportunities on the Pike San Isabel National Forests (information provided by Pike San Isabel NF).

The closing date for the permanent OHV trails jobs on the PSICC has been extended until 2/25!

Nine new permanent seasonal positions at five different duty locations on both the Pike and San Isabel National Forests are available.  These positions will be advertised in USA Jobs from Friday, February 18-Friday, February 25, 2022.  Below are USA Jobs Links and specific number of positions for each of the duty locations—along with the contact information for each location.  Please contact each District for specific information about their respective positions.

South Platte Ranger District (Sedalia): Lisa Heagley 720-642-0800

South Park Ranger District (Fairplay): Jason Looby 719-225-3329

Salida Ranger District (Salida): Ben Lara 719-221-5851

San Carlos Ranger District (Rye): Jeffer Wingate 719-429-0589

Pikes Peak Ranger District (Woodland Park): Rick Ellsworth 719-338-2837


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