The Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association (OMRA) has undertaken a systematic effort to develop documents related to OHV volunteer efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.  OMRA shared its results with NOHVCC and has provided the documents for other OHV clubs and associations to learn/borrow from as they develop protocols of their own. 

NOHVCC recognizes that there are many variables in play when organizations seek to develop COVID-19 protocols including variance in state and local restrictions, public versus private lands, local area risk assessments, and many other factors.  Despite this, it should be helpful for OHV enthusiasts to understand how other organizations have tackled these difficult issues. 

OMRA has shared two versions of each document:

OMRA Volunteer Waiver – Updated for COVID-19 (PDF)

OMRA Trail Volunteer Safety Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Volunteer Waiver (Scrubbed of OMRA Branding – Word Document)

OMRA Trail Volunteer Safety Policy and Procedure (Scrubbed of OMRA Branding – Word Document)

Please let NOHVCC know at if these documents prove helpful to you or your organization, or if you have developed similar protocols.

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