NOHVCC 2019 Annual Conference Presentations Available Online

Once again, NOHVCC had a great slate of presenters at our Conference! While it is always best to come see them in person, if you had to skip the Conference here is your chance to see what you missed. Of course, if you were there, here are most of the presentations to augment your notes. There is a wealth of information below – take a look!

NOTE: The following presentations are provided for informational purposes only. They were prepared by the presenters themselves, and while you are welcome to view and share the links and to learn from the information therein – these are not intended to be used as presentations by anyone other than the originator.


BLM National Motorized Recreation Action Plan

NOHVCC and the BLM have partnered to develop a National Motorized Recreation Action Strategy that will help the BLM develop individual state strategies for providing high quality OHV opportunities and develop partnerships to help maintain those opportunities.

Brad Colin, BLM, Marc Hildesheim, NOHVCC


USFS in Montana

This session will highlight the NOHVCC success story of Trail 338 from the Belt Creek Rangers District in the Lewis and Clark National Forest. The presenters will discuss a brief history of the trail, how they were able to convert a dangerous, unsustainable 50” trail to a shining example of sustainable design. They will also talk about the innovative partnership and funding strategy they used that resulted in completion of the trail for less than half the cost of traditional contracting methods and how the elements of trail design described in the NOHVCC publication “Great Trails” were employed to create a high-quality 50” trail that is becoming a destination for OHV riders.

Stan Vansickle, USFS


Effective OHV Economic Impact Studies

Presentation on economic impact modeling for the off-highway vehicle recreation industry. The presentation will provide an overview of how economic impact modeling works, the information needed, and how to ensure you get accurate results from your effort. It will also include highlights from a recently completed survey and impact modeling effort in Iowa.                                                              

Mark Imerman, Regional Strategic, Ltd


Recreational Trails Program Update

Annual update on the status of the Recreational Trails Program and discussion of current issues, hurdles and areas of focus.

Christopher Douwes, FHWA Community Planner – Transportation Alternatives / Recreational Trails Program



In February 2019, the National Youth Program Using Minibikes (NYPUM) and California State Parks entered into a landmark partnership agreement to serve and mentor youth in California. This partnership was nearly 3 years in the making, and presented many challenges in its design, but opened access into the State Vehicular Recreation Areas to youth development organizations. This presentation will be a panel discussion featuring key staff from NYPUM and California State Parks who will discuss the route taken to create this unique public/private partnership.

Paul Slavik, California OHMVR Commissioner, Mark Speller, NYPUM, Brian Robertson California OHMVR Division Chief, Paige Rogowski, California State Parks, Don Schmidt California State Parks NYPUM Lead


New Hampshire Implements Incentive Program For Clubs

In 2018 the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department implemented a new Club Incentive Program. Registration rates for OHVs were raised by $30, but OHV owners who produce proof of membership to a club affiliated with the New Hampshire Off-Highway Vehicle Association (NHOHVA) receive a $30 discount on every OHRV registration purchased in their name. Learn how this program came about and how effective it has proven to be.

Terry Lambert, NH NOHVCC State Partner


Pine Nut Mountain Trails Association

Learn about the Pine Nut Mountain Trails Association, their work and projects in Nevada, and about some of the unique opportunities and issues found in the organization’s local area.

Mathew Giltner, Outreach Coordinator, Pine Nut Mountains Trails Association


Intro to Mapping

Accurate, easy-to-use maps are essential to a positive OHV experience. It is hard to have a fun day on the trails when you get lost, don’t know where to go or end up somewhere you don’t belong because a map led you astray. This presentation is designed to introduce participators to map basics including map features, types of maps, creating maps, mapping software Geographic Information Sciences (GIS), ArcGIS, and Avenza.

Geoff Chain, NOHVCC


Great Trails Update, and Opportunity to Bring a Workshop to Your State

Learn about updates to the Great Trails Workshop curriculum as well as some of the results that have been achieved as a result of Workshops in the last year. Also learn how to bring one of these Workshops to your State!

Marc Hildesheim, NOHVCC, Jack Terrell, NOHVCC, Geoff Chain, NOHVCC


CA OHMVR Grants Program

The Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program (Grants Program): The California Department of Parks and Recreation, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division will present an overview of their Grants Program. The Grants Program provides for well-managed off-highway motor vehicle recreation in the State of California by providing financial assistance to cities, counties, districts, federal agencies, state agencies, educational institutions, federally/state Recognized Native American Tribes, Certified Community Conservation Corps and nonprofit entities.

Martha Ibarra, California OHMVR Grants Supervisor


Nevada Outdoor School

Winner of a 2018 NOHVCC Special Recognition Award, Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) will share their story of building creative, strong and successful Outdoor Ethics and ATV Safety Programs in Nevada. They travel statewide to provide Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly! trainings, education and outreach reaching over 4,000 people each year with the message of responsible and safe outdoor recreation. Partnering with rural Sheriff’s Offices, they help to provide Tread Lightly! education and outreach at VIN Inspection and off-highway registration events and OHV safety trainings offering ATV Safety Institute (ASI) certifications to youth as well as adults. Get fresh ideas and learn how to build your own Outdoor Ethics or OHV Safety programs in your area as NOS shares their knowledge, education curriculum and best practices with NOHVCC attendees!

Melanie Erquiaga – Nevada Outdoor School


Sound Management for Noise Control – Vehicular Sound in the Environment

This presentation will cover the challenges of vehicular sound in the environment. Environmental sound surveys, sound studies and a short review of individual vehicle sound control methodologies, terminology and regulatory interaction. It will also summarize several scientific sound studies of motorized recreation facilities, what was learned and how the knowledge can be applied for understanding and the management of noise. Additionally, there will be a short discussion of related subjects including mufflers, spark arresters and equipment.

Chris Real, DPS Technical, Inc.


Designing Moto Single-Track for User Experience

Good trails are both fun and sustainable. When deciding where to put a trail, designers need to take into consideration a variety of factors that will affect both sustainability and user experience. This presentation will explore trail design elements that create a memorable trail riding experience while ensuring the trail is sustainable. American Conservation Experience (ACE) is a Youth Conservation Corps organization with several branches around the country. ACE has seasoned professionals in the trail world teaching these skills to AmeriCorps members that spend 3 to 6 months with ACE getting on the ground experience putting these trainings into practice.

Keean Ruane, American Conservation Experience


Meet MIC’s New Government Relations Team

A Congressional and State update on ATV/OHV related legislation and industry update from SVIA, ROHVA, and ARRA.

Scott Schloegel, MIC, SVIA, ROHVA, Mario Mairena, MIC, SVIA, ROHVA                                                                


Tread Lightly! 2019 Review and Discussion

An introduction to Tread Lightly! and its programs, resources and partnerships. Major work for the year will be reviewed followed by a question and answer period.

Danielle Fowles, Tread Lightly!


Adventure Trail

Penny and Rascal are names that will be familiar to long-time members of the NOHVCC family – and soon they will be back! They are, of course, the stars of NOHVCC’s Adventure Trail. They have been featured on the NOHVCC website, in coloring and activity books, and on full-size posters. Soon they will appear in an interactive Adventure Trail website. Those who attend the NOHVCC Conference in Reno are in for a treat. Robert Van Nood, the artist behind Penny, Rascal and Adventure Trail, will formally debut the new site and will walk Conference participants through all the new and expanded features.

Robert Van Nood, Adventure Trail Artist


Why Navigation Maps?

Whether your outings are for leisure or for work, your objective is always an optimal sense of safety and pleasure. Navigation maps accompany you to ensure that you have a memorable and safe journey in the outdoors. At all times, you know exactly where you are and can get efficiently to your destination.

Faraj Nakhleh, Trak Maps            


Gypsum City OHV Park Update and Tiny Homes

At the NOHVCC Conference in 2014 the “Building of Gypsum City OHV Park” presentation explained the ins and outs of how the park came to be. Now, five years later the Gypsum City OHV Park has come a long way, adding more land, trails/tracks, a 33-site campground & tiny homes! Hear about what Tasha has learned and all the exciting new things happening at Gypsum City OHV Park, located in Fort Dodge, Iowa.             

Tasha Nielsen, Natural Resource and Trail Technician for Gypsum City


Trails Move People

Trails have always been a way of life in America, and a vital part of the American experience. From the horse and wagon trails to the West and the foot trails created by the Civilian Conservation Corps, to the development of challenging off-highway trails for ATV’s and motorcycles – America is a trailblazer. Trails, in their many varied, myriad forms, are the single most critical element in providing the opportunity for people to re-create themselves. If, for any reason, we take away a person’s ability to use a trail, it can have dramatic effects on that person’s mental and physical well-being. In my case, it was perceptually taken away through a new disabling condition. For others, it may be closing trails to a use that has historically been open to them. Join Mike for a discussion of how we can all work to break down the silos within the trails community, and what we can do to build support for trails in unexpected areas and amongst unexpected constituencies.           

Mike Passo, Executive Director, American Trails


CA SB 249

Update on the status of California’s OHV program resulting from the passage of Senate Bill 249 by the State Legislature in 2017. California’s 49-year old OHV program was set to “sunset” on December 31, 2017 barring additional legislative action. The California Department of Parks and Recreation coordinating with program stakeholders and officials from the state legislature were able to renew the program, remove the “sunset” clause for the program, and establish new environmental standards reflective of the State’s environmental goals.

Dan Canfield, Acting Deputy Director California OHMVR Division


Utah Update

This presentation will focus on a 360-degree trail view mapping system, securing federal agency funds for an OHV Volunteer Coordinator and the State of Utah’s OHV funding change to increase the State’s OHV restricted account.

Chris Haller, Utah Off-Highway Vehicle Program Coordinator


Managing Access and Transportation Systems on BLM Lands

Managing access and transportation systems on BLM managed public lands to match the agencies multiple use mission is the goal. What is the BLM doing to accomplish this lofty goal? This session will focus on what the BLM is currently doing to improve the functionality of transportation systems on public lands and will offer some insight into some of the challenges, successes and goals for the future.

David Jeppesen, BLM

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