Next Week (June 7-13) Is National Trailer Safety Week – Please Join NOHVCC And The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers In Promoting Trailer Safety And Education

All next week (June7-13) NOHVCC will provide safety and educational information through emails and on our website about safe trailering practices in support of National Trailer Safety Week. This will be the third year that the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) have undertaken this traffic safety effort which, “aims to close the gap of communication between trailer manufacturers, dealers and end-users of trailers to make towing safer and raise awareness of safe towing practices.”

As many OHV enthusiasts rely on trailers to get their OHVs to and from riding areas, NOHVCC is excited to participate in Trailer Safety Week. The need for safe and responsible practices does not begin or end at the trailhead. Responsible OHV enthusiasts will protect themselves and others as well as their vehicles by engaging in safe trailering.
We encourage you to follow along with our communications next week, and to get involved by sharing the information on social media and club websites.

Please see NATM’s press release below – and take action to support trailer safety!

Call to Action to Participate in National Trailer Safety Week

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) is rapidly gearing up for its third annual National Trailer Safety Week (TSW) to be held June 7-13, 2020. This traffic safety effort aims to close the gap of communication between trailer manufacturers, dealers and end-users of trailers to make towing safer and raise awareness of safe towing practices.

Trailer dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, law enforcement and traffic safety groups are encouraged to participate in this year’s Trailer Safety Week. End-users are vastly undereducated on the proper use of trailers, and it is crucial for these key stakeholders to support the event to disseminate essential how-to information regarding proper towing, loading, and maintenance to reach the broad audience of trailer users across the nation.

Supporting this traffic safety effort is easy! Visit to sign up to become an official Trailer Safety Week Ally and download a communications kit that has pre-created social media content, website marketing materials and a sample blog post that you can share on your own websites to spread trailer safety information.

Everyone is encouraged to share with their audiences so that any trailer user can instantly access trailer safety and maintenance information necessary for safe towing and ultimately safer roadways. This website is free, easily accessible, mobile friendly and houses information including hitching, loading, maintenance, cargo securement, tires, driving tips, ensuring the right vehicle combination, brakes and the importance of purchasing NATM compliant trailers.

For more information, visit, or email NATM Assistant Director Meghan Ryan at NATM looks forward to working with you to improve the safety of the light- and medium-duty trailer industry and all roadways across the nation!

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