NOHVCC has a new safe and responsible use PSA video that can be accessed at and on Youtube.  NOHVCC staff members Marc Hildesheim and Geoff Chain cover some of the basics that can help those new to OHV recreation better understand some of the responsibilities inherent to safe and responsible OHV use in the one-and-a-half-minute video.  But the breakout star in the video is Olivia McGreevy-Hildesheim – Marc is her Dad. 

Olivia is a 15-year-old freshman from Eastern Washington and a lover of animals who hopes to pursue zoology or animal science as a career path in the future. She lives with her parents, two siblings, two dogs, and a cat. When not attending school, participating in after school sports, or tending to her lamb for FFA; Olivia loves riding dirt bikes. She currently rides a 2008 TTR 230 and gets to be a better rider with each ride. Olivia started riding at the age of six and much like other kids she put in 100s of miles going in circles near the campsite. Olivia loves riding trails, unless her Dad takes her on something she deems too skinny or technical. Often, she can be found on trail rides with her parents, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

Please take a look at the video below.  Also, please feel free to share the link with others as you see fit.  NOHVCC recognizes that this video is but one small piece among many necessary to reach new enthusiasts – and to serve as a reminder to those with experience.  We hope you enjoy the video!



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