NOHVCC is well situated for the future as current Directors have stepped up to fill the pivotal Chairman and Secretary positions as a part of this year’s election process.  Current Public Lands Issue Area Representative Barrett Brown was nominated for Chairman, while existing Youth and Education Issue Area Representative Tasha Nielsen chose to run for Secretary.  With current Treasurer Wayne Briske not up for reelection this year all Officer position will be filled when the new Board of Directors is installed at the NOHVCC Annual Board of Directors meeting in October.

Minus the retirements of Chairman Dan Kleen and Secretary Lew Shuler, all other Directors offered to continue to serve on the Board. 

Incoming Directors:


Chairman – Barrett Brown (OR) (relinquishes current position of Public Lands IAR) (unopposed)

Treasurer – Wayne Briske (FL) (current term expires in 2022)

Secretary – Tasha Nielsen (IA) (relinquishes current position of Youth and Education IAR) (unopposed)

Issue Area Representatives:

Private Lands – Danny Hale (VT) (unopposed)

Clubs and Associations – Steve Newton (AL) (unopposed)

Network Development Team – Charles Sims (OK) (current term expires in 2022)

Public Lands – Vacant

Youth and Education – Vacant

At Large Members:

Scott Jones (CO) (current term expires in 2022)

Tom Cowher (OH) (current term expires in 2022)

Clif Koontz (UT) (unopposed)

As no nominees are facing opposition the current Board of Directors will vote to install each nominee by proclamation, eliminating the need for a vote of State Partners as no position is contested.  Since two current board members are moving to new positions, President and Secretary, once installed, their old positions will become vacant.  These two positions are for the Public Lands and Youth and Education IAR positions, the incoming Board of Directors has the authority to install qualified State Partners to take on those responsibilities.  If you are a State Partner and would like to be considered for one of those positions, please reach out to any incoming Director or contact NOHVCC staff at for more information. 

The entire OHV community owes outgoing Chairman Dan Kleen and Secretary Lew Shuler an enormous debt of gratitude for their unrelenting willingness, acumen, and dedication as they have spent decades helping to create a positive future for OHV recreation.  Thanks Dan and Lew!



Meet the new officers:

Incoming President – Barrett Brown:

Barrett Brown is a longtime leader in the search for forest management solutions and expanded recreational opportunities which are important to all communities. Barrett has been a passionate advocate for teamwork and collaboration in regional recreation planning for decades.  He has been riding, hiking, biking, and creating trails in Oregon’s Tillamook State Forest for fifty years.

Barrett, an Oregon native from North Plains, operates a small timber farm in northern Washington County which lead to roles as past director of the Washington County Small Woodland Owners Association, and a past member of the Board of Directors of the Oregon Woodland Management Co-op. Barrett started Single Track, LLC, a company dedicated to providing specialty tools to sustainably build and maintain recreational trails. Since 2015 he has served on the NOHVCC Board of Directors.

Incoming Secretary – Tasha Nielsen: 

Tasha Nielsen is the Natural Resource and Trail Technician for Webster County Conservation and has spent her time with the day-to-day operations at Gypsum City OHV Park since 2014 and has been a NOHVCC Partner since 2015.  She was born in Minnesota, but moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa when she was twelve and considers Iowa home.  Tasha has been around OHVs most of her life and enjoys the challenge of learning to operate new off-highway vehicles and other equipment.  In addition to motorized recreation, she enjoys hunting, ice fishing, kayaking and golf, and generally being outdoors.  She believes the most important thing an individual can do to create a positive future for OHV recreation is to be a good example by recreating safely and responsibly.



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