Most of us in the NOHVCC family are very familiar with not only our favorite type of OHV, but also the various other vehicles on the market and out on the trails. We have spent years or even decades riding motorcycles and ATVs and driving ROVs (also known as side-by-sides) and 4-Wheel Drive vehicles. It can be easy to forget a time when it was intimidating to see someone loading an ATV into a pick-up truck or filling up a dual-sport motorcycle at the pump and trying to get the nerve up to ask how someone might get involved in the sport.

Those of us immersed in OHV recreation can find it hard to believe just how daunting the barrier to entry to our sport can be. If someone doesn’t know the difference between a dirt bike, dual-sport and adventure bike, it can be very hard to ask.

Getting outdoors and exploring trails in remote areas can seem overwhelming to some who didn’t grow up in a riding family. Many may just want to get started but have no idea where to begin. Luckily is a good place to get the ball rolling.

If you ever get the opportunity to be an ambassador for our sport please share your passion, urge the newbie to research local clubs, visit the NOHVCC website, and to visit Some rookies will have already done some research or may already know which type of vehicle they would like to try first – others may have no idea of the possibilities they can consider. introduces first timers to many of the vehicle options available (including on-highway motorcycles) and offers a quiz to determine which vehicle may be best for the quiz-taker. also contains links to opportunities for safety training, promotes safe and responsible practices and introduces new enthusiasts to safety gear. These are all important messages for those new to our sport to receive.

If you haven’t already – check out Also, remember to provide the URL to those you meet trying to get into our sport. Who knows, you may just introduce a future NOHVCC Partner to a new world of opportunities.

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