This article is the second in a series designed to ensure that the recently completed 2022 NOHVCC Annual Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee has a lasting impact.  NOHVCC Conferences bring together the best and brightest in the OHV community to network and learn from one another and from the talented presenters and panelists that share their knowledge.  Engaged participants can bring back their new “tools” and share them with others to help create a positive future for OHV recreation.  For those that were unable to attend we will try to capture some of the information and momentum created in Knoxville.

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Getting to and from the riding area is a big part of OHV recreation, and safe and responsible practices are just as important while getting to the trail as staying on the trail. Followers of NOHVCC will know that we have been engaged with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) as they highlight Trailer Safety Week for the past several years.  We not only worked with NATM, but we also shared key trailer safety articles from Polaris.  Click to read: How To Properly Load And Haul Your UTV and Choosing The Correct Loading Ramp For Your ATV OR UTV.

At the Annual Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee we were joined by Scott Crimmins, Compliance Manager, National Association of Trailer Manufacturers who shared a wealth of trailer safety information including towing tips, how to properly load a trailer, a pre-departure checklist, trailer components, cargo securement, and tips for safely operating a tow vehicle.

After providing the usual (and necessary) reminder that users should always consult their trailer owner’s manual and defer to its recommendations, Scott provided an overview of safe trailering. 

Scott’s slide on properly loading a trailer seemed to be particularly enlightening for many Conference participants and generated a healthy discussion:

We also wanted to make sure and highlight the pre-departure checklist provided by Scott:

It is important for all committed OHV enthusiasts and managers to understand safe trailering practices.  To view Scott’s complete presentation and to pick up even more safety tips, click here: 2022 Trailer Safety Presentation.  Please make every effort to share this information with anyone who may benefit – let’s make the most of these tools!

If you would like more information about how you and your organization can help promote Trailer Safety Week (the first week in June each year) visit

Reminder – presentation slides are offered for informational purposes and are not intended for public use by anyone other than the original presenter. 


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