Registration is open for NOHVCC’s 2019 Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada. If you haven’t already signed up, click here.

Those who elect to participate in the Mobile Workshop on October 17, 2019 are in for a treat. The Workshop will be held at Prison Hill Recreation area just outside of Carson City, NV. NOHVCC is currently in phase two of a three-phase project at the area and participants in will have an opportunity to gain a unique insight into the on-the-ground work (such as trail layout) that NOHVCC espouses.

The Workshop will be broken into three sessions. Each attendee will have an opportunity to participate in each session. Transportation to and from the Conference hotel (Whitney Peake) and lunch will be provided to registered participants.

Session Descriptions:

Guided tour of Prison Hill Recreation Area: ROV tour of the Southern End of the Prison Hill Recreation Area. Tour guides will discuss unique features, history of the area, special management considerations, and management issues encountered during the project. (All participants in this session will be required to wear a helmet, eye protection, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots and gloves)

Trail Layout and Design: A walking tour of the OHV trail and facility designs and concepts at the Prison Hill Recreation Area. Participants will have a chance to critique, ask questions, and interact with a trail design team member.

Moto-Trials and Rock Crawl Demonstration: Moto-trials and OHV Rock Crawlers are two types of OHV recreation that are often misunderstood by OHV managers. Participants will be able to observe recreationalists doing what they love. Demonstrations will be followed by a Q&A period where you can find out more about these sports and what the riders/drivers are looking for.

More about Prison Hill Recreation Area:

The Prison Hill OHV Recreation Area is located on the southeast edge of Carson City, Nevada. The highly desirable and unique landscape is scattered with large colorful rock formations and a variety of topography, ranging from steep and challenging terrain to meandering sand washes and open sandy desert soils. The elevation change is substantial, increasing from 5000’ above sea level at the lowest point to 5724’ at the highest point. The sweeping views of the snow- capped Sierra Nevada, Carson Valley, and Carson City provide an incredible vista for anyone wanting to gain altitude by climbing the challenging summit. Most of the OHV recreation area is located on the south facing slope where enthusiasts can access trails and riding opportunities throughout the year; especially during the winter months where snow can become a limiting factor for some forms of recreation.

Located approximately seven miles from downtown Carson City, Prison Hill is an easy destination for residents to access with limited travel time and distance. The Prison Hill Area is adjacent to four subdivisions and a prison located on Snyder Avenue and Golden Eagle Lane. The Carson River borders a small section on the Southeast portion of the area where there is no motorized use. The natural inhabitants of the area include rabbits, coyotes, deer, songbirds, a variety of raptors, and rattlesnakes. The vegetation is primarily sagebrush steppe with sagebrush, bitterbrush and a small scattering of Pinyon Pine, juniper, and pockets of old-growth bitterbrush.

The phenomenal views and awestriking rocky landscape provide an experience like no other within a few miles of a major population center. Proximity allows enthusiasts to visit Prison Hill during weekends and in some cases, daily. Others are drawn to the area for the variety of terrain, technical challenges, interesting routes, and scenery. Enthusiasts also often visit Prison Hill because of its family-friendly nature3, and for the open riding areas.

For more information about NOHVCC’s involvement at Prison Hill click here to view NOHVCC’s OHV Management Plan for the area submitted in October 2018.

See you in Nevada!

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