Great Trails: Providing Quality OHV Trails and Experiences authored by Dick Dufourd and published by NOHVCC has been internationally recognized as the must-have guidebook for OHV trails and provides the curriculum for NOHVCC’s Great Trails workshops.

Click here to download the book or to order a hard copy for $30.

NOHVCC’s Great Trails Workshops focus on the design, layout, construction, maintenance and management of sustainable Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails. Hands-on field training is emphasized. The intended audience is trail managers; trail construction and maintenance supervisors and crews; engineering staff involved in trail planning, design, maintenance and construction; trail contractors; OHV club trail volunteers; and other interested stakeholders. 

Learn more about the Workshops in the video below:

Watch a video of Great Trails Guidebook author Dick Dufourd describing “What Makes a Great Trail ‘Great.’”

For an in-depth article about a Great Trails Workshop in Colorado click here.

If you are interested in bringing a Great Trails Workshop to your area reach out to NOHVCC staff at

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