As people seek ways to get outdoors during the time of social distancing OHV use is welcoming many new enthusiasts to our family.  But when new members are added to our ranks it is important to ensure that everyone understands and applies important safe and responsible use practices.  One gross and troubling issue that seems to be causing problems is how best to deal with human waste. 

While visibly damaging vital natural resources, dumping trash and making user created trails are obvious practices that might lead to losing access to both public and private lands, many new to our sport may not recognize the threat caused by feeling the need to answer the call of nature at an inappropriate time.

It is easy to want to make light of the issue, as most people simply don’t want to talk about it.  Yet, there are serious consequences that can follow an ill-placed disposal of human waste.  Again, access can be threatened, but also, there can be other serious impacts including compromised water sources, spread of disease, and ruining the experience of other trail users. 

Below is an infographic created by Leave No Trace that provides best practices for dealing with the most human of problems.  If you are new to our sport, please review and apply the principles.  If you are a seasoned veteran and already know the ropes, please share the infographic on your social media, with your club and dealership or any place or organization that will ensure it gets seen by those headed out to recreate. You can access a pdf version here.

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