Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation is a family oriented sport where machines that allow family members to ride together are often desirable. When the machine is designed and manufactured to hold multiple passengers you can have a great ride with your family and friends and create memorable experiences. When you try and carry passengers on a machine that is not designed for that kind of use; you are putting your passengers and yourself in great danger.

Our partners at Canadian Quad Council (CQC) and ATVBC (Quad Riders Association of British Columbia) recently collaborated on an article in RidersWest, an online magazine that promotes off-highway vehicle recreation opportunities in Western Canada, to discuss why you should never ride with a passenger unless your machine is designed to do so. They also discuss how to identify whether your machine is designed for carrying passengers, and why aftermarket parts do not transform your machine from single use to passenger worthy.

Thank you to CQC, ATVBC, and RidersWest for the share. You can read the article here.

It is vital that all riders follow the manufacturers recommendations when operating an OHV. Just because the seat is there doesn’t mean that your passenger is ready to ride. Ensure passengers can properly utilize footrests/pegs, hand holds, and restraints. If they aren’t big enough to utilize these safety features, they aren’t big enough to ride yet. As always ensure that all riders and passengers in all OHVs are wearing proper safety gear prior to operation.


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