Note from the USFS:

Greetings, Forest Service Partners!

The Washington Office Trails Team is working with a graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver to conduct a survey to provide insights into the experiences and perceptions of trail volunteers and partners working with the Forest Service.

Survey results will help inform implementation of the Forest Service’s 10-Year Trail Shared Stewardship Challenge (Trail Challenge) which is focused on working in shared stewardship with partners and volunteers to increase our collective capacity to maintain trails and increase trail sustainability. We conducted a similar survey to gain insights into the perceptions and experiences of Forest Service trail program employees earlier this year. Those survey results have been instrumental in identifying areas we can put more focus to help remove barriers or provide more support.

Per trailing message, we’re hoping you’ll Click Here to Take the Survey by Saturday, November 20. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. We’d appreciate responses from as many partners and volunteers as possible from the national, regional, forest and district levels.

For purposes of this survey, partners are generally defined as individuals working for organizations that have an agreement with the Forest Service, such as through a challenge cost share agreement, participating agreement, and/or memorandum of understanding. A volunteer is someone working under a volunteer agreement (OF-301) without compensation (although some incidental expenses may be reimbursed). If in doubt as to whether you or others would be considered a partner or volunteer, please fill it out! I’d rather err on the side of inclusion.

Take the survey here.


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