Please help American Trails and Trails Move People (TMP) identify “shovel-ready” trail projects across the country.  See information provided by American Trails below:

The trails community is working to quantify the amount, diversity, and location of “shovel-ready” trail projects across the country. We need this information to effectively advocate for inclusion of trails in the federal economic response to COVID-19. The information you provide will help to mobilize trail projects, put trail workers on the ground, and sustain rural and urban economies through transportation and recreation infrastructure investments.

The survey link is

Who should complete the survey?

Managers, either professional or volunteer, of “shovel-ready” trail projects. “Shovel-ready” trail projects are projects that, if funding is available and working conditions are safe, could provide jobs by Summer 2021. A project can be “shovel-ready” in any phase of development (e.g., planning, design, construction, maintenance) as long as jobs would be created before Summer 2021 if the project were funded now.

Prior to completing the survey, it may be helpful to take a moment now and gather the information you will need to respond to the following questions about your “shovel-ready” trail projects. This information includes:

Project names and locations

Approximate total project budgets and timelines

Approximate numbers of project jobs or workers

Project characteristics and features (e.g., land type, mileage, types of project work, user types, accessibility, etc.)

All responses must be submitted prior to 5:00pm PDT, Thursday, May 28, 2020. 

All responses are anonymous and confidential. Results of this survey will be reported only at the aggregate level according to key geographic areas and project characteristics that are relevant to decision-makers and funders at the national and state levels.

If you are a trail project manager of one or more “shovel-ready” projects, we strongly encourage you to provide information on your project(s). Without it, we will not be able to demonstrate the full power of trails to put people back to work and help America recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.



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