NOHVCC once again enjoyed the great privilege of holding a Great Trails Workshop in Colorado in partnership with our great friends at the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO). The workshop which was funded by a grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), was held on the Pikes Peak Ranger District of the Pike-San Isabel National Forest on July 29-30. 25 participants from the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and local OHV clubs gathered together to discuss OHV trail issues and successes in the District.

A major focal point of the workshop was discussing road to trail conversions and how these types of projects can be successful in providing a quality riding experience while keeping a focus on protection of resources. The Pikes Peak Ranger District will soon be converting a full-size road to a 50” or less trail to improve connectivity and to manage the route in a manner more consistent with its current use.

Other topics covered during the workshop include drainage, grade reversals, trail reroutes, trail management objectives, planning, and much more. Of course, the ever-popular trail layout and design exercises were featured as well.

NOHVCC thanks those participants who took time out of their schedule to participate in the workshop and contribute their thoughts and experiences to the exercises. We also wish to thank COHVCO and CPW for their continued support of the Great Trails programs. If you would like to host a Great Trails Workshop in your area please reach out to us at


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