Each of us has been at an event (OHV or otherwise) and seen branded flashlights, pocketknives, fidget spinners, coloring books, pens, bags, and any number of other giveaways to attract our attention.  The purpose of these items in some settings is simply to draw attendees over in hopes of an ensuing conversation.  But sometimes these take-home items have another purpose – education through messaging contained on or within the items themselves.  We want to hear from you about the second kind of swag.  What have you, your club, association, or agency given away that you feel has resulted in delivering an important message?

Safety, stay on trails, maps, responsible use, and many other messages are critical to OHV enthusiasts.  NOHVCC itself exists as an educational organization, but sometimes we only just have a moment to interact with someone.  In some cases, it may make since to have some swag to hand over in hopes that the recipient will take in the messaging later.  So – what has worked for you?

Let us know by reaching out to trailhead@nohvcc.org

We recognize that there is a broad range of possibilities limited only by cost and budget.  So please do not limit your responses.  If something has proven effective for you, it may well be that others can replicate your success elsewhere. 

Please feel free to share pictures if you have any.


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