Attention NOHVCC Partners and Associates: One of our NOHVCC Partners is in need of your assistance. The State OHV Association, which this State Partner helped form, has grown past the point where volunteers can handle the workload associated with the organization. To help get them over the finish line to where they can hire staff members this association needs assistance with fundraising and marketing their organization to help raise necessary capital.  

If you have examples of fundraising resources, partners, strategies or just helpful lessons you have learned please send them our way. If you have been through the transition of an all-volunteer organization to one that has dedicated staff and would like to help share some ideas on making that transition a little easier; let’s, get that information to your fellow State Partner. Don’t forget to share your ideas and experiences on how your OHV club/association has implemented a successful marketing campaign to grow your membership.  

Like always we appreciate your help and support and look forward to hearing from you. Please send all ideas and suggestions to with the subject “State Partner Fundraising.” 

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