Marc Toenyan, President, Northwest Motorcycle Association, and friend of NOHVCC passed along the article and video linked below.  It is a great story highlighting how partners with diverse interests can work together to promote and achieve sustainable recreational opportunities.

From the Nature Conservancy’s website, “Through their Title II grant program, the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest granted The Nature Conservancy funds to tackle the restoration work needed [on the Taneum Watershed]. TNC used these funds to hire a young adult crew from the Northwest Youth Corps and a heavy equipment operation crew from the Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA) to do the restoration work. This opportunity gave the young adults a chance to gain job training, resource management skills and leadership development. The Northwest Motorcycle Association completely redesigned and rerouted the Lightning Point trail, which originally was very steep, incised/cut down, and eroded.”

Please take the time to watch the video detailing all the good work TNC, Northwest Motorcycle Association, the Northwest Youth Corps and other partners have (and will) accomplish – you won’t be disappointed!

Here is the article in full on the Nature Conservancy’s Washington Nature website:


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