Electronic OHV Mapping Applications And Websites Of Which NOHVCC Is Aware – Help Us Shape Our List!

As NOHVCC interacts with OHV enthusiasts and managers across the country the most common request we hear is for access to high-quality maps. Many trail managers, companies, and clubs have recognized this need and have created resources to attempt to meet demand. A common approach to providing maps and similar information is to create an application (app) or website through which enthusiasts can download, upload, or access electronic maps.

Electronic maps are easy to disperse, can be quickly updated, and often work with or without mobile data service. Many of these apps have been vital to enthusiasts during COVID-19 shutdowns as app managers can update closures and openings in real time. To help enthusiasts get back on the trail safely and when appropriate, we wanted to provide a list of mapping apps of which NOHVCC is aware. While NOHVCC staff uses, or has used, all the apps and websites listed below, we recommend that enthusiasts carry a paper map when they recreate. It may even be advisable to bring a backup GPS because crashes happen, devices break, batteries die, glitches occur, and signals get lost.

Please note – NOHVCC’s intent is to provide you with an idea of what we are aware is available, NOHVCC does not formally endorse any of these products and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the maps found within.

Additionally, NOHVCC encourages anyone who uses any electronic map (app or website) to “ground-truth” any information found within by comparing it to valid paper maps, and/or with managers of the trails or area in question. Finally, crowdsourcing is a valuable tool and can be harnessed to provide tremendous amounts of information; however, please make every effort to ensure that you are recreating legally – if you are in doubt – skip the trail or area in question until you can confirm it is open for your type of recreation.

Again, the list below is intended to provide information about apps and websites of which NOHVCC staff is aware. If there are apps or websites that we have overlooked please let us know at trailhead@nohvcc.org.

Polaris Ride Command:

  • Provides maps for over 300,000 miles of trails and the group ride capability.
  • Website: ridecommand.polaris.com
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play
  • Cost: Free

Avenza Maps:

  • Upload georeferenced pdf maps of trail systems and areas. Utilized by USFS and BLM to provide travel plan and Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM).
  • Website: avenza.com
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play
  • Cost: Import up to three maps free, $29.99/year for pro membership with unlimited maps (some maps may require an additional fee) 

Colorado Trail Explorer: (COTREX)

  • COTREX offers the most comprehensive trail map available for the state of Colorado and is built atop data from over 230 trail managers.
  • Website: trails.colorado.gov
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play
  • Cost: Free


  • Trailforks is a site where users help grow and maintain the database by submitting new trails, updating existing trails, submitting reports on trails and logging their rides. Users can also add photos & videos which are tagged to trails found on the website.
  • Website: trailforks.com
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play
  • Cost: Free 

Idaho Trails Application:

  • The Idaho Trails Application is an online mapping tool that allows you to view, print, and download trails for motorized and non-motorized recreation use
  • Website: trails.idaho.gov
  • Available on: Online, maps can be exported to KMZ or Avenza pdf format
  • Cost: Free

Washington Hometown:

  • Explore more than 350,000 miles of open roads and trails and 985 million acres of public land. The OHV web map has information on trails that are open to motorcycles/trail bikes, ATVs and 4x4s. The map also shows trail access, places with motorized trails, private campgrounds, OHV dealers and rental shops and other businesses that pay for placement, and public campgrounds that are either identified as having OHV access or are near an OHV trail.
  • Website: washingtonhometown.com/ohv-wa
  • Available on: Online, apps in development
  • Cost: Free 

Gaia GPS:

  • Know what to expect from the 4×4 roads ahead with topo maps from USGS and USFS, overlaid with motor vehicle use restrictions, property ownership, and more.
  • Membership option includes the continental US National Geographic “Trails Illustrated” Maps
  • Website: gaiagps.com/offroad/
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play
  • Cost: Free basic membership, $36/year for premium membership

OnX Offroad:

  • Explore more than 350,000 miles of open roads and trails and 985 million acres of public land.
  • Website: onxmaps.com/offroad-app
  • Available on: Appstore, Google Play
  • Cost: $29.99/year

OHV Trail Map California:

  • The OHV Trail Map California map app contains helpful information such as OHV and back country rules and regulations, nearby towns with services, local agencies, hospitals and emergency services. “Discovery Points” feature includes photos and descriptions for hundreds of scenic, historic, or otherwise important points of interest on the map, and shows you exactly where they are and how to get there.
  • Website: https://www.jawbone.org/index.php/mobile-apps/485-ohv-map-app-2
  • Available on: App Store, Google Play
  • Cost: Free 

Backcountry Discovery Routes (Adventure Bikes)

  • This website provides you with free GPS tracks, information, and planning tools for each Backcountry Discovery Route. Plan your multi-day off-road motorcycle adventure with our free tracks, interactive maps, photos, video content, as well as hotel, food & gas information.
  • Website: ridebdr.com
  • Available on: Online
  • Cost: Free

Rider Planet

  • A comprehensive directory of the best and most popular ATV trails, dirt bike trails, scenic OHV and UTV routes, and motocross tracks in the United States.
  • Website: riderplanet-usa.com
  • Available on: Online
  • Cost: Free

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