Off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation not only requires access to OHV trails, areas and systems, but also people to manage and provide for the use. As a result, NOHVCC wants to make a small investment in the future by offering a $500 scholarship to an individual pursuing a career in the outdoors. The ideal candidate will follow a course of study that is intended to lead to a career in recreation or land management or other related fields and will have a passion for OHV recreation.

A second $500 scholarship is available to an OHV enthusiast who has shown dedication to their OHV Club and has shown a commitment to promoting safe and responsible OHV recreation. Recipients are not required to pursue a career in OHV recreation, but they should demonstrate a desire to remain involved in advocating for our sport.  The ideal candidate will be an avid OHV recreationist who believes he or she will continue to be involved in OHV clubs, associations, and volunteer efforts well past college.

NOHVCC Program Director, Marc Hildesheim said of the scholarships, “There seems to be a void in helping college students who want to pursue a career in recreation management, so NOHVCC is stepping in to let our future managers know we value their efforts to get into this field. Further, we need to ensure that today’s young enthusiasts become tomorrow’s volunteers. We also encourage other OHV organizations, clubs and associations to offer scholarships as well. Safe and sustainable OHV recreation demands a certain skillset and we can all do more to ensure that skillset is instilled in students now – so that we can meet NOHVCC’s mission of “creating a positive future for OHV recreation.”

Download NOHVCC Future OHV Volunteer Scholarship Application Form Here

Download NOHVCC Future OHV Volunteer Scholarship Application Form Here

Deadline for submission is May 28, 2020.

If you know of anyone who may be qualified and interested in the scholarship, please pass this information along.

Any questions should be directed to NOHVCC staff at

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