NOHVCC intends to move forward with an in-person Annual Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee August 18-21, 2022.  Not only will we have our traditional Mobile Workshop, and plenty of presentations about best practices, opportunities, issues overcome by OHV enthusiasts, managers, agencies, and industry, we also are planning a few new wrinkles.  We hope everyone in the NOHVCC family can not only attend but participate and add to the discussion. Presently, NOHVCC

It will be of little shock for many that there is a large backlog of deferred maintenance on OHV trails across the country. This is especially true in high-use areas near urban interfaces and other popular OHV riding destinations. Many of these riding areas are on USFS and BLM managed lands. Unfortunately, these agencies are often under-staffed and under-funded which compounds the issue. Another hurdle is lack of available heavy

Thanks to funding from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife OHV Grant program, COHVCO will be holding two chainsaw trainings and an OHV workshop to educate and benefit the State’s off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts, land managers, and other OHV stakeholders. These trainings will be focused on the vision and goals for OHV recreation in the future. All trainings are dependent on COVID-19 related regulations and meeting size requirements. Chainsaw Training: COHVCO,

Each of NOHVCC’s previous webinars are available online. NOHVCC staff and invited guests have covered myriad topics of importance to the OHV community, and we encourage you to visit the webinar archive to see which topics interest you most.  A brief description of each video can be found below. While we encourage everyone who has an interest in a webinar topic to participate live, we understand that sometimes that just

Most of us in the NOHVCC family are very familiar with not only our favorite type of OHV, but also the various other vehicles on the market and out on the trails. We have spent years or even decades riding motorcycles and ATVs and driving ROVs (also known as side-by-sides) and 4-Wheel Drive vehicles. It can be easy to forget a time when it was intimidating to see someone loading

OHV recreation equals family recreation.  There are more options than ever to get outdoors and ride with family members both young and not so young.  But these options make it imperative that parents make sure that their children are of an appropriate age and maturity level to operate a motorized vehicle.  Thankfully the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) has some tools to help parents make informed decisions. First, safe ATV operation

The below article was written by Joseph (age 10) and Morgan Feist (age 12) after attending the Share The Trails Program with their Mother and NOHVCC staff person Laura Feist.  Reaching young audiences is critical – both to share safe and responsible practices, and to ensure the future of our sport.  NOHVCC is excited to have such energetic and capable youth ambassadors in our extended family.  We hope you will

By Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer “A destination members can be proud to see and enjoy.” That’s how an ATV club in Pennsylvania describes a project it completed last year. But it’s not a clubhouse, or a picnic area at a scenic overlook. It’s a bridge.  A bridge built with ingenuity in its design, resourcefulness in its funding, and a great sense of pride by club members. Al Sain, president