The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has tools designed to help organizers who wish host an AMA sanctioned race or event.  Those of you who have hosted such events will be aware of the AMA’s requirement that AMA-chartered clubs and promoters who wish to sanction events complete the AMA Risk Management Workshop every year.  This virtual workshop not only provides relevant information about staging an AMA event it also provides a brief overview of risk management that is extremely helpful for any event organizer.

Anyone who has worked a registration table at an OHV event has probably encountered someone purporting to be “Harvey Mushman.”  Of course, that was the alias used by the legendary motorcyclist and actor Steve McQueen.  While McQueen may have had good reason to protect his anonymity, there can be serious consequences for event organizers who let someone else use that or any other false name on a liability waiver. 

AMA’s 13-minute video describes some best practices for collecting waivers and provides a thorough introduction to all sorts of pitfalls to avoid when planning an event.  While the video is focused on preparing organizers who will host AMA sanctioned events the information is useful to anyone who will organize, volunteer at, or help with any OHV race or event. In fact, it may be good for anyone who participates in OHV events to brush up on risk management.

Finally, the second video AMA provides focuses on competition events and flagging for volunteers.

Both videos are available below or click here to view the videos on AMA’s Risk Management page.


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