After 24 Great Years – NOHVCC President Dan Kleen Is Stepping Down

NOHVCC President Dan Kleen is retiring from his post at the end of his term this year.  Dan has been an integral part of NOHVCC since its inception and has had a lasting and profound impact on not only NOHVCC, but also on the sport of OHV recreation.  His tenacity, drive, passion, skill and, most importantly, his kind demeanor will be missed by his entire NOHVCC family.  The NOHVCC Board of Directors and staff thank him for his tireless efforts and look forward to working with him in other roles in the future. 

Dan wanted the opportunity to let everyone know in his own words, so below is an open letter to the OHV community:

Dear NOHVCC Family,

I say family because for the last 25+ years that’s what the NOHVCC Team and Our Partners has been to me. Last year I decided to not run for reelection as President of the NOHVCC Board of Directors. But with our Annual Conference being postponed because of COVID-19 the Directors decided to extend all Board positions for one year hoping we could have a 2021 annual conference. Unfortunately, we are unable to have an in-person conference this year so elections will be held online. I ask that anyone interested in joining the NOHVCC Board of Directors to please let the Network Development Team or Staff know. Feel free to contact myself or any of the Board members if you have any questions about joining the NOHVCC Board of Directors.

It has been a great honor to serve on the NOHVCC Board of Directors for the last 24 years, 21 years as President of the Board. It has been a total team effort to get NOHVCC to where we are today. The hard work and dedication of talented staff, Board members, State partners, volunteers, industry and other organizations has been the key to our success. Thank You!

Being involved with NOHVCC has been very rewarding in many ways. Mostly I value the many amazing friendships I have been blessed with. Thank You, to each and everyone of you.

I value all the partnerships we have formed along the way. Without a doubt my favorite was being asked to represent NOHVCC on the Canadian Quad Council Board of Directors. Another would be the great work we have accomplished by working with our friends at the International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association. The CQC and INOHVAA has been and will continue to be a vital part of the NOHVCC Team.

We greatly appreciate the continued support from MIC, SVIA, ROHVA, MSF and the Right Rider Access Fund. We could not be successful without you.

Again, “THANK YOU” to everyone who has helped NOHVCC reach our goal of “Creating a Positive Future for Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation.”

I plan to stay involved with NOHVCC and our great sport. And I’m looking forward to supporting the leadership of our new President and Board members.

See you on the trails.

Ride Safe!


Information on 2021 Elections:

Each year NOHVCC State Partners elect NOHVCC’s Board of Directors at the Annual Conference – except for last year due to COVID-19 scuttling the in-person meeting.  Instead, the NOHVCC Board of Directors opted to postpone voting.  While we cannot meet in person again this year (read Update On 2021 NOHVCC Annual Conference), the Directors have decided it necessary to move forward with virtual elections this year.

NOHVCC has developed a procedure for all State Partners to cast votes, but first we need to know who would like to be nominated for the positions which will be voted upon.

All interested NOHVCC State Partners are eligible to run for open or contested positions on the Board. Again, ONLY NOHVCC State Partners in good standing are eligible to run.  Nominees can only run for ONE open or contested position.

If you are a NOHVCC State Partner and are interested in serving on NOHVCC’s Board of Directors, you can nominate yourself by sending us an email at

There are three ways to serve on the Board:


There are three officers who serve staggered two-year terms on NOHVCC’s Board – Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. This year the President and Secretary positions are up for election. NOTE: To run for President you must have at least one year of prior service on the NOHVCC Board of Directors.  To run for Secretary you must have at least six months of prior service on the NOHVCC Board of Directors.

Issue Area Representative (IAR)

Issue Area Representatives (IAR) serve staggered two-year terms and are expected to maintain knowledge and expertise on relevant issue area. The issue areas are Public Lands, Private Lands, Youth and Education, Clubs and Associations, as well as the IAR representative to the Network Development Team which is responsible for recruiting NOHVCC Partners and other volunteer efforts. Any Partner can request the formation of an ad hoc Committee to be approved by the Board of Directors. Ad hoc Committees will be Chaired by the appropriate IAR and can be formed for a variety of reasons. The Network Development Team will be a Standing Committee comprised of Partners who volunteer to serve on the Committee.

At Large

There are three members of the Board who are elected by NOHVCC Partners to serve staggered two-year terms as At-Large members, which essentially means they are not an Officer or an Issue Area Representative.

Current Board of Directors – Those up for election this year in bold


Chairman – Dan Kleen (IA) (current term expires this year – not running for reelection)
Treasurer – Wayne Briske (FL) (installed by the Board of Directors to complete term which expires in 2022)
Secretary – Lew Shuler (MI) (current term expires this year)

Issue Area Representatives: 

Private Lands – Danny Hale (VT) (current term expires this year)
Public Lands – Barrett Brown (OR) (current term expires in 2022)
Youth and Education – Tasha Nielsen (IA) (current term expires in 2022)
Clubs and Associations – Steve Newton (AL) (installed by the Board of Directors to complete term which expires this year)

Network Development Team – Charles Sims (OK) (current term expires in 2022)

At Large Members:

Scott Jones (CO)(current term expires in 2022)
Tom Cowher (OH)(current term expires in 2022)
Clif Koontz (UT) (current term expires this year)

Voting Procedure

Each STATE will be allowed to cast one vote in NOHVCC elections. NOHVCC staff will reach out to all State Partners and ask each Partner to cast votes.  If a majority of Partners from an individual State select a particular nominee – that nominee will receive the State’s vote.  In the event there is a tie for one or more positions, NOHVCC staff will follow up with the appropriate Partners and ask if they can come to a consensus.  If consensus amongst the Partners cannot be reached, then NOHVCC’s bylaws require a Network Development Team representative to oversee a coin toss to break any ties.


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