NOHVCC partners and supporters: Now is your chance to recognize those that have contributed to the OHV community in the spirit of creating a positive future for off-highway vehicle recreation.  If you have an individual or an organization that deserves to be recognized for their contributions to OHV recreation, please send your nominations to Likewise, if you know of any success stories such as newly opened riding areas, successful mitigation of trail issues, positive outcomes from OHV management, etc., please let us know as well.  It is important that we take time to acknowledge those who have put in the time and effort to support OHV recreation and the NOHVCC awards banquet is the perfect place to shine a light on outstanding effort!

Previous Award Winner Rebecca Antle receiving her award from President Dan Kleen.

If you choose to make a nomination, please include the following information:

  •        Name of individual or organization receiving nomination
  •        Organization(s) with which the nominee is affiliated (if any)
  •        City, State of residence of nominee
  •        Any affiliation the nominee has with NOHVCC (if any)
  •        Brief description of actions taken by the nominee in the prior year that warrant an award
  •       Please submit nominations by July 14

In previous years, NOHVCC has selected NOHVCC Partner of the Year, Club or Association of the Year, Manager of the Year and Special Recognition Awards.  Please note, nominees do not have to fit neatly into any of the above categories.  NOHVCC’s goal remains to showcase those who contribute time, effort and commitment to furthering responsible OHV recreation and we will do our best to recognize the many deserving volunteers and managers.

Thank you as always for your participation in this very important portion of the annual conference.  See you in Utah!

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