Participants at NOHVCC’s Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan were treated to a presentation on NOHVCC’s new website. Available at, the new website is designed to provide valuable information to OHV enthusiasts who are just beginning to look for ways to get involved and to current OHV leaders, planners and land managers. As ever, NOHVCC’s Partners are key to the organization’s success and can be easily identified on the new site by those who are looking for information.

Don’t worry – visitors to the new site should still be able to find information about the Great Trails guide, Adventure Trail, Workshops, Club Start-Up Kits and other ongoing initiatives. Visitors will also find a blog-style news section that will be updated regularly with new information about what NOHVCC and our partners are up to. The new Online Resource Hub will become a valuable tool for those seeking information about OHV recreation. Keep watching that space as we intend to add information consistently over time.

Check out the new site here:

Connect with NOHVCC on social media here:

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