This article is the third in a series designed to ensure that the recently completed 2022 NOHVCC Annual Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee has a lasting impact.  NOHVCC Conferences bring together the best and brightest in the OHV community to network and learn from one another and from the talented presenters and panelists that share their knowledge.  Engaged participants can bring back their new “tools” and share them with others to help create a positive future for OHV recreation.  For those that were unable to attend we will try to capture some of the information and momentum created in Knoxville.

Jacqueline Peterson, Vice President of Communications, Motorcycle Industry Council, Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association joined us in Knoxville and made an important presentation that included an overview of social media platforms, advice on how to deal with the press, and premiering safety and responsible use short videos that clubs, agencies and enthusiasts are free to share. Scroll down to view the videos and get sharable links.

Jacqueline highlighted data related to popular social media platforms. This information details the demographics of users for three popular social media sites, and can be used to help ensure that the right content is reaching the right audience:

She followed this up by premiering the first of five videos created by the industry associations providing tips on optimal video length for specific social media platforms:

Below are all five videos which have been posted to YouTube.  Enthusiasts and agency personnel are encouraged to watch the videos and share them broadly on personal accounts, and, if authorized, on club, association and agency accounts.  To share, simply hover your cursor over any of the videos and click the share button at the top right of the video to open a dialog box with options for copying the link or posting directly to some social media accounts.


Sharing vital safe and responsible use content is important to help ensure that NOHVCC’s safety ethic is promoted and ultimately adopted by enthusiasts.  The best rides are those where we return safely from riding on sustainable designated trails and areas.  Help us spread the word by promoting these videos that Jacqueline and the industry provided for free!

If you have ideas or themes for future videos that you would like to share or collaborate to create, you can reach out to Jacqueline at

Reminder – presentation slides are offered for informational purposes and are not intended for public use by anyone other than the original presenter. 


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