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The Biden administration is calling for increased use of E15 biofuel, using a 15 percent ethanol blend, to be sold this summer in an effort to ease prices at gas pumps. But that move threatens to put powersports engines at risk of reduced power, stalling, hesitation, and, in some cases, costly or catastrophic engine failure.

Scott Schloegel

“Many consumers remain confused about which fuels are appropriate for use in their vehicles and E15 should be avoided at all costs when it comes to powersports products,” said Scott Schloegel, senior vice president at the MIC Government Relations Office. “Increasing the sale and availability of E15 increases the possibility of misfueling. Using E15 in motorcycles and off-highway recreational vehicles is prohibited under federal law by the Environmental Protection Agency because of increased emissions and the potential for engine damage. And the use of E15 can void vehicle warranties.”

Due in part to its tendency to evaporate quickly in warmer temperatures and contribute to smog, the sale of E15 is usually banned in many parts of the country from June to September and may only be used in 2001 and newer cars and trucks. It’s available at about 2,300 fueling stations, according to the Department of Energy, but President Biden said the U.S. will invest $100 million in biofuel infrastructure to expand E15 production. According to the White House, at current prices, E15 can save an average of 10 cents per gallon compared to traditional gasoline.

The EPA is expected to issue an emergency waiver in early June to allow E15 use for the summer.

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