NOHVCC staff recently delivered a Great Trails Workshop in Colorado that featured a visit to the Hartman Rocks Recreation Area managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  Hartman Rocks is a multiple-use area that provides opportunities for dirt bikes, mountain bikes, equestrian users, hikers, rock crawlers, trials bikes, rock climbers as well as ATVs and ROVs.  The area also has plenty of campsites that include fire rings and picnic tables scattered throughout the site.  Most are adjacent to trails and other recreational opportunities.  One campsite stood out to NOHVCC staff.

Near to an access road this particular campsite was designed for use by those with physical limitations (see video below) It is close to an accessible restroom and features a hardpacked natural surface that is intended to make it easier to navigate by individuals in wheelchairs.  It also has a raised area that is roughly 18 inches off the ground with a natural surface big enough for two tents to be pitched side by side.  The rationale behind the raised surface is that it may be easier for those in wheelchairs to transition into and out of raised tents than to and from tents on the ground. 

The fire ring in the campsite was also designed to better serve those in wheelchairs.  It was taller than typical fire rings (also about 18 inches) and featured a more accessible stove.  But that isn’t all that is unique about the fire ring.  It is doubled-walled to limit the heat that is transferred.  This is to allow those in wheelchairs to get much closer to the fire than otherwise might be possible.  It also may decrease the possibility of burns to anyone who has limited feeling in their extremities. 

These well thought out features ensure that more people get to enjoy the outdoors.  Not only can many with physical limitations take advantage of the incredible viewsheds that can be seen from passenger vehicles, ROVs and ATVs – overnight stays could be possible or simply more comfortable.  Importantly, Hartman Rocks also has a trail that can be accessed by hand-powered cycles, allowing for yet another way for many to recreate outdoors.

NOHVCC encourages OHV enthusiasts and land mangers to determine if it makes sense to provide similar amenities at their local riding areas.  Contact NOHVCC staff at for more information.  We can find out more details from our friends at Hartman Rocks and pass it on. 

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