NOHVCC is taking our new reality seriously. We will continue to try our best to keep you updated on the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19 and how OHV recreation is being impacted. However, since most of us are at home, why not take a few minutes to create a diversion and think about some of the things that bring us joy and laughter?

If you find yourself at home with extra time on your hands, take a few minutes to tell us some of your favorite/funniest OHV anecdotes. And don’t forget to send a couple pictures!

You don’t need to be a brilliant writer with a book editor salary or even send us a novel. Just write up a story or two and be brief. Think 300 words or less (no penalty for going over).

NOHVCC staff will compile and edit submissions while making every effort to keep the spirit of your story intact. We will publish some of the best submissions which will create a diversion for others who want to think about their favorite passion for a few minutes while practicing social distancing.

Any stories or pictures should be submitted to by May 20.

Thanks, and stay safe!

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