BLM Action Plans NOHVCC and the BLM are developing a National Motorized Recreation Action Strategy

NOHVCC and the BLM have partnered to develop a National Motorized Recreation Action Strategy that will help the BLM develop individual state strategies for providing high quality OHV opportunities and develop partnerships to help maintain those opportunities. The strategies will guide the BLM in future Resource Management Plans (RMP) and Travel Management Plans (TMP); however, the strategies are NOT part of a specific travel management plan. In developing these strategies, enthusiasts will have a chance to share thoughts on the following topics:

  • What activities are taking place on BLM managed lands?
  • Where in general are OHV activities taking place?
  • What experiences are you looking for on BLM managed lands?
  • Where might these missing activities fit on BLM managed lands?
  • What could the BLM do better to enhance your recreation experience?

NOHVCC has completed or is in the process of completing individual State Action Plans in Arizona, Montana Nevada and New Mexico, and is in the process of selecting additional States.  Keep an eye on NOHVCC’s calendar or subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming meetings.


Click here for information on upcoming BLM listening sessions in Oregon and Washington.