Become a NOHVCC State Partner

by Karen | Dec 03, 2012
NOHVCC is looking for people to be a spark in their State as a State Partner or an Associate State Partner.
Be a spark for getting and keeping trail systems in your State and for promoting the safe and responsible use of OHV as a legitimate form of family, outdoor recreation.

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council is not a membership based organization, but has partners in each State who help us plan and create the tools needed; as well as bring the existing NOHVCC tools to their State's clubs, associations, and agencies.

NOHVCC is actively seeking applications for State and Associate State Partners for:


We are seeking Partners for these State which only have Associate Parnters:

And these States have a State Partner, but do not have any Associate State Partners:
New Jersey

The best organized and effective situation is when the State has a good State Partner and several Associate State Partners representing most or all of the OHV recreation types in that State.

Want to be a State Parnter or Associate State Partner?  Of know of a person who would make a great addition to the NOHVCC team?  Send us a note at  See ourPartner page for more informaiton.