Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) Sound Test Manual


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Stationary Sound Test Manual

The information contained in this manual is for those interested in the effective and economical enforcement and evaluation of off-highway motorcycles and ATVs in the field. The manual details the entire procedure for implementing the SAE J1287 sound test which is used by most land management agencies throughout the country. The manual also contains sound data and RPM testing levels for a wide variety of off-highway motorcycle and ATV models and years.


This RPM list is updated quite frequently with inserts or you can go to the Motorcycle Industry Council Advocacy/Technical page, then scroll down for the section on Sound, for the latest updates.






The sound testing procedure for off-highway vehicles is defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers and is their J1287 standards.  We recommend sound test training before attempting to do sound testing, if nothing else to answer people's questions.

Chris Real of DPS Technical, Inc. is one of the foremost experts regarding motorcycle and off-highway vehicle noise.  Chris is a co-author of the street bike version of sound testing and performs sound testing for several manufacturers.  Chris also does sound test training and sound meter calibration.  Check out his website at: