Sound Advice

Sound Wave PictureAccording to the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the three biggest issues that motorcyclists face are noise, noise, and noise.


The AMA has been working several years to combat these issues.  In May of 2003, they called together their first sound summit.  Out of that meeting, they formed a Motorcycle Sound Working Group.  This group consisted of the street and off-road motorcycling communities, as well as motorcycle manufacturers, aftermarket companies, event organizers, law enforcement, municipal government, research institutions, and regulatory agencies.  The second summit was held in May of 2005.  The published results were put into a document called Sound Advice


This document reminds us that we can ride well, and ride fast if we choose, and still have quieter bikes. 


We at NOHVCC agree that quieter bikes help keep our privilege to ride by being aware of the others around us.


Information regarding the second National Summit on Motorcycle Sound and the Sound Advice document can be found on the AMA website.


Sound levels for AMA racing

The sound issue is not only for amateurs and recreational riders, but it is also an issue for professional motorcycle riders, whether on the street or off-road.  The issues in Riverside County, CA remind us that no one is exempt from doing their part to nullify sound as an issue.  Check out what the AMA is doing to help by reading their sound level reduction press release