Sound Test Training from the Experts

If you are going to get trained to do sound testing, you might as well get it from one of the experts.  Chris Real with ChemHelp/DPS Technical is one of those experts.  Chris spends much of his time doing the sound testing for manufacturers and other equipment manufacturers.  It would be an understatement to say that Chris knows his stuff.


NOHVCC is very lucky to have a partner such as Chris who has teamed up with us to offer sound test training and certification during several NOHVCC conferences.  There are various levels of training including certification that is valid for peace officers (law enforcement, conservation officers, game warders, police officers, etc).  Check with Chris and your department to ensure the certification will be acceptable in your area.


Link to  which contains information on sound test training and many other sound resources.


Make sure you have the right equipment for sound testing.