Sound is One of the Biggest Issues for OHVs

Below are a few resources to help address the issues

Motorcycle Industry Council Sound Test Manual

Stationary Sound Test Manual The Motorcycle Industry Council provides this manual for those interested in the effective and economical enforcement and evaluation of off-highway motorcycle and ATV sound in the field.










Sound test training

NOHVCC has teamed up with Sound expert Chris Real. Chris will provide sound test training and information to fill your needs from the land manager's educational use, to clubs and associations ensuring their members and participants meet the requirements, to certifying Peace Officers.


Sound Advice

Sound Advice is the product of a two-year effort by the Motorcycle Sound Working Group put together by the AMA.  The document provides information about sound and the AMA's position on sound while taking part in motorcycle activities.


Sound Testing Equipment

exhaust pipesTo perform sound testing in the field you will need the right equipment. NOHVCC gives you information about where we purchase our equipment.