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This year is our 25th Anniversary at NOHVCC and we are celebrating all year!



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NOHVCC Returns To California, Where It All Began, To Celebrate Its 25th

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer


Eleventh in a series. This year, the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Throughout 2015, we’ll be including articles in this newsletter about the history of NOHVCC, its challenges and accomplishments, leading up to the annual conference in late October. 


It was much more than an annual conference. It was a “Chrome Anniversary” celebration.


Team Time meeting during NOHVCC conferenceThis year’s joint conference of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) and the International OHV Administrators Association (INOHVAA) celebrated the 25th Anniversary of NOHVCC, and all that it has meant to the OHV industry. Highlights included appearances by some of the people who created NOHVCC 25 years ago, presentations on OHV issues and success stories around the country, and the premier release of “Great Trails”, a new 350-page resource guide for the design, construction and management of fun and sustainable OHV trails.


“We celebrated the success of NOHVCC by looking at where we started, how we’ve grown and how we have helped the sport of OHV recreation grow in a positive and sustainable way,” said Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director.


Over 170 people attended the joint conference, held October 27-31, 2015, in Folsom, California, the state where NOHVCC was organized in 1990. It was the 13th consecutive year that NOHVCC and INOHVAA have held a joint conference. Adds Ehnes, “We were also proud to be joined by the All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC), which held its Annual General Meeting, and California’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Commission, which held a meeting in conjunction with our conference.”  


NOHVCC is not a member organization. It’s a service organization, with a motto that reflects an international goal: “Creating a positive future for off-highway vehicle recreation.”  


Here is a summary of each day’s events.Jim Barrett and Katie Nelton networking at the NOHVCC conference


Tuesday: Day One of the joint conference included a meeting of the NOHVCC Staff and Board of Directors, and a roundtable discussion of OHV Program Managers from around the country, hosted by INOHVAA.


Wednesday: Three OHV organizations held meetings on Day Two.


The annual meeting of INOHVAA was led by Chris Gamache, INOHVAA Chair, and included a general business session, election of officers for the coming year, and group discussions on a variety of topics. 


The annual meeting of the AQCC was led by Wayne Daub, its executive director. Jacques Poirier, General Manager of the New Brunswick ATV Federation, was elected to a 2-year term as AQCC President. “Most of our meeting was to address issues that we have at the AQCC level. We set some new priorities to work on, including getting our name out there to be better known,” said Poirier. “At this particular conference we had all 10 Provinces represented. We’re working on adding representatives from the two Territories.”


A meeting was also held during the NOHVCC Conference by California’s OHMVR, led by Ted Cabral, Commission Chair.  The OHMVR Commission has responsibility for the approval of general plans, receives public comments about the program, and reviews plans for new and expanded recreation areas applying for grant funds.


Thursday: The Mobile Workshop and on-vehicle training opportunities are always conference highlights. This year, over 100 people participated in the day’s events, held at the Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA). They included guided recreational rides and management tours, to learn about the urban OHV park’s successful practices for building and maintaining trails and open riding areas, with emphasis on resource protection. Vehicles were provided for the Mobile Workshop by American Honda Motor Co., Arctic Cat Inc., ATV Safety Institute (ASI), Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Polaris, Polaris RiderX, and several individuals.


Also on site were the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) ATV Rider Course,In the field during a mobile workshop Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Dirtbike School, and Recreational OHV Association (ROHVA) Driver Course. Vendors displaying products included Sutter Equipment Company, Zero Motorcycles Inc. (electric motorcycles), Husqvarna Motorcycles, and Polaris Industries (electric vehicles).


Located a few miles south of Folsom, CA, the 1,000 acre Prairie City SVRA is owned and operated by California State Parks. It offers OHV enthusiasts a variety of recreational opportunities for motorcycles, ATVs, ROVs and 4x4 trucks, including a rock crawl area. Private concessionaires operate a Kart Track, Arena Cross TT dirt oval track, and the Hangtown MX Track.


Thursday evening featured a reception and dinner for all conference attendees, and included the annual INOHVAA awards presentation.


Friday: The day started with a breakfast meeting, hosted by the NOHVCC Board of Directors for new NOHVCC State Partners and Associate State Partners. It was followed by a welcome session to the joint NOHVCC & INOHVAA Conference. Presentations were made throughout the day, covering a wide variety of topics:

  • NOHVCC Projects Update
  • OHV Industry Updates
  • U.S. Forest Service Trails Unlimited: Who We Are and What We Do
  • Tillamook State Forest (OR) Management Strategies
  • Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Update
  • Successfully Managing ROVs and New Technology
  • Los Lunas Training Area, NM
  • Building Strong Partnerships Through Workshops
  • Eastern Kern County Onyx Ranch Acquisitions, CA
  • Youth Corps Presentations


Saturday: This was the second day of the NOHVCC conference.ATVs riding on a trail Following a morning kick-off and discussion of the election process for NOHVCC officers, the following presentations and panel discussions were made:

  • Online and Video OHV Training
  • Strengthening OHV Clubs and Associations
  • Trail Tracker, A Mobile Application
  • Adventure Gallup Riding Area, NM
  • The Captive Audience: OHV Education in Schools
  • Creating Positive Advocacy Outcomes


A breakout session for “Team Time” allowed everyone to gather for a few hours and discuss future initiatives related to the five NOHVCC teams: Network Development, Clubs and Associations, Youth and Education, Public Lands, and Private Lands.


Wrapping up the conference in the evening was a Celebration Dinner and NOHVCC Awards Ceremony (see separate articles on awards presented).


“We would like to thank all of our sponsors, who helped make the 2015 NOHVCC and INOHVAA Conferences possible. We truly appreciate their support,” said Dan Kleen, NOHVCC President. “It is great to see how far we have come and how many success stories we have to show for our hard work over the last 25 years.” 


A round of applause goes to the NOHVCC staff for their hard work organizing this year’s conference: Russ Ehnes, Mona Ehnes, Jack Terrell, Karen Umphress, Heidi Annau, and Marc Hildesheim.


This and past year’s conference presentations are available on the NOHVCC web site starting with the 2015 presentations at:


NOHVCC and its State Partners work hard to meet its mission to “Create a positive future for OHV recreation.” For more information, visit To contact NOHVCC about its many “tools” and educational materials available to OHV clubs, agencies and schools, send an email to or call 800-348-6487.



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NOHVCC’s New “Great Trails” Book Is A Premier Resource Guide For The OHV Industry

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer


Great Trail Guidebook Cover 25th Anniversary EditionTo celebrate its 25th Anniversary, the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) has created a valuable new resource that will benefit the entire OHV industry. Four years in the making, it was painstakingly crafted by one industry expert, with assistance from 20 more, and funded by 30 OHV agencies and organizations.


“Great Trails: Providing Quality OHV Trails and Experiences,” a 350-page book, was officially released October 30, 2015, at the opening session of the joint conference of NOHVCC and the International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association (INOHVAA).


The fully illustrated, spiral-bound book was written by Dick Dufourd, in association with NOHVCC. The opening page describes the book as “A resource guide for the design, planning, construction, maintenance, and management of quality off-highway vehicle trail systems which are sustainable and fun to ride.”


Eighteen chapters describe those processes in detail -- accompanied by hundreds of four-color photographs, illustrations, graphs and tables -- with emphasis on the fact that all the processes to create great trails are interrelated. Said Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director, in describing the book to conference attendees: “We wanted folks to understand that the elements of great trails are planning, design and construction, maintenance and management. And that it’s not five separate processes. If you look at those as a continuum and do them as one process, that will lead to great trails.”


“Great Trails” fills a void that was identified by NOHVCC about 4 years ago, when the idea for the new resource guide took shape, added Ehnes. “We needed to provide OHV-specific design guidelines. We wanted to talk about Best Practices and proven tools and techniques. The theme for the book is providing for the OHV rider’s needs, and balancing that to ensure resource protection.


“The audience for the book, first and foremost, is OHV trailThe Great Trail Continuum managers. We knew that the State and Federal agencies were looking for help in this area. We also wanted it to be valuable for our State Partners and Provincial Partners, as well as local communities, non-profits and private OHV clubs. We saw that it would be useful for all those groups. It’s a tool for all of us.”


Each person attending the conference -- held October 27-31, 2015, in Folsom, California -- received a complimentary copy of “Great Trails.” The initial printing of 200 copies was a limited edition, and included the NOHVCC 25th Anniversary logo on the cover. The next printing, sans logo, will be higher in quantity, and made available for around $30, to cover the cost of production. A pocket field guide edition and a free, web-based version of “Great Trails” are also being planned.


“Great Trails” was written by Dick Dufourd, an avid motorized recreationist for more than 40 years. “The journey was a long one, about two years of my time writing. While it contains a lot of ‘how-to’ information, it’s not a ‘how-to’ book,” Dufourd said. “Great Trails is a more of an outline, a guide to understand the principles to produce a great trail and a great trail program. The book helps readers look at a situation and have enough understanding about what’s going on, on that piece of ground, to make an informed decision. You do that by looking at the natural environment and the physical forces being applied in that environment."


Dufourd worked for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) for 35 years, where he gained extensive experience designing and building roads, trails, parking areas and campgrounds. He was also the Central Oregon Interagency OHV Program Manager, responsible for developing and managing summer OHV opportunities for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and USFS. When he retired in 2005, Dufourd and his wife, Joani, formed RecConnect LLC, an OHV consulting business. They have implemented more than 1,500 miles of OHV trails in the U.S. and Canada. That experience, plus the ability to successfully identify and mitigate issues, work with multiple agencies, and work positively with stakeholders and the media, has made Dufourd one of the top OHV authorities in North America.


rolling dip graphic from Great Trails guidebookAt the conference, rounds of applause were given to Dufourd and many others involved in the book’s production. Dufourd said he relied on 20 OHV industry leaders who contributed their technical expertise, photography, review and feedback. They are listed in the book. Among them is Karen Umphress, NOHVCC Project Manager, who served as the book’s managing editor. “We want to publicly acknowledge the amount of work and the quality of work that Karen did on this project,” said Ehnes. “After the words are on paper, it’s a monumental task to take what was about 800 pages of information, distill that down, edit it numerous times, get it down to a format, lay it out with all the printing, and get it into a great product for people to use.”


Ehnes also thanked the 30 agencies and organizations that funded the book. “It was a massive project,” he said. “It was the biggest project that NOHVCC has ever taken on and, frankly, without the support of all of our partners, there’s no way we could have done it.”


The book includes a glossary, bibliography, helpful index, and a dedication page that clearly states the intent of “Great Trails”:


“This book is dedicated to those people who strive to provide, promote, and protect off-highway vehicle recreation opportunities. Thank you for what you do for the OHV community. Great trails don’t just happen. They are created, managed and maintained through vision, passion, and sound engineering.”


Great Trails will be available for purchase around the first of next year.  The dedicated website ( should also be available at that time along with a downloadable PDF version. 


NOHVCC thanks the following for their support and funding of “Great Trails”:
Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association (AMA District 23)
American Motorcyclist Association
Arizona State Parks
Bureau of Land Management
Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council
Federal Highway Administration
Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club
Idaho State Parks and Recreation
International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association
Kawasaki Corporation
Maine Department of Conservation
Maryland State Highway Administration
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Montana State Parks
Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association
Motorcycle Industry Council
New Mexico Game and Fish
Ohio Motorized Trail Association
Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association
Polaris Foundation
Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association
Right Rider Access Fund
Specialty Vehicle Institute of America
Texas Parks and Wildlife
United Four Wheel Drive Associations
Utah State Parks
Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative




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NOHVCC Founders and OHV Leaders Inducted into Hall of Fame

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer


Each year, a highlight of the NOHVCC conference is the announcement of the newest inductees into the NOHVCC Hall of Fame, an impressive list of people who throughout the years have made a positive impact on NOHVCC’s mission and values. It is with great pleasure that NOHVCC inducted five OHV leaders into the 2015 class of the NOHVCC Hall of Fame.


NOHVCC Hall of Fame Inductee: Silvio Carrara

Silvio Carrara accepts NOHVCC Hall of Fame AwardSilvio Carrara was the creator and architect of NOHVCC 25 years ago. “We call him the “godfather of NOHVCC,” said Dan Kleen, NOHVCC President, during the induction ceremony. “Without your hard work, dedication and support over the years, we wouldn’t be here today.” 


“This is humbling to me,” said Carrara to those attending the NOHVCC awards banquet. “This organization exceeded my wildest dreams. As Tom (Crimmins) pointed out, I wasn’t an easy going fellow at the first meetings. I knew what I expected and asked for it, and they (the original Design Team) delivered. Indeed, the results are astonishing. Each and every one of you deserves the highest accolades for your hard work, your courage, and the time you spend representing the sport and preserving the right to ride.”


For more information on Carrara and why he is called the “godfather of NOHVCC” see the May 2015 NOHVCC newsletter:


NOHVCC Hall of Fame Inductee: Bob Clever

BobCleaverIn 1990, Bob Clever was a Senior Manager with American Honda, working with Silvio Carrara to organize the first meetings of what became NOHVCC. “Bob was  incredibly valuable to the formation of NOHVCC,” said Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director. “We appreciate all the hard work that Bob did, and we’ll make sure he gets this award.”


NOHVCC Hall of Fame Inductee: Mary Barta  

Mary Barta“Bob and Silvio and Mary Barta were the team that was on site when I came to my first NOHVCC meeting,” said Ehnes in inducting Barta into the NOHVCC Hall of Fame. “We enjoyed working with her and appreciate all she did for us in those early years. I called her last week. She said that in the 29 years and 7 months of working at American Honda, being involved with NOHVCC and seeing it become what it has become, that it does a mother proud. She reads the newsletter every month, and said, ‘I’m so amazed at the work you guys do. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the work you’re doing.’ ”


NOHVCC Hall of Fame Inductee: Dana Bell  

Dana Bell in the Mojave desertDana Bell was on the NOHVCC staff from 1999 to 2008, and was the NOHVCC California State Partner prior to joining the staff. In her role as NOHVCC Project Coordinator, she facilitated the development of OHV State Associations, and OHV Management Workshops. She was also instrumental in the development of many NOHVCC educational materials, including the still popular ‘Adventure Trail’ series. Bell was unable to attend the conference. Ehnes read a letter from her during the Hall of Fame ceremony, which read, in part: “My 17 years with NOHVCC as a State Partner and a staff member were some of the richest years of my life. I look back at all of the remarkable people that I had the opportunity to work with, with overwhelming memories.


“To all of the very kind people at MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council), American Honda, American Motorcyclist Association, who gave me an incredible education and so much support. To all the NOHVCC staff and board of directors who put up with my whacky ideas. To all the dedicated agency partners, particularly the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), U.S. Forest Service and Federal Highway Administration, who were such a pleasure to work with. To all of the incredibly helpful NOHVCC partners and enthusiasts...who give so much of their personal time, dollars and enthusiasm to promote, improve and protect the sport of responsible OHV recreation. And finally to you, Russ, for putting up with me, believing in me, allowing me to trek across the country for the American Frontiers Journey, and for being such a good friend. To all of you, thank you for the privilege of getting to work with you. Thank you for all the work you continue to do. Dana Bell.”


Read more from Dana Bell in an interview in the July 2015 NOHVCC Newsletter at:


NOHVCC Hall of Fame Inductee: Dick Dufourd

Dick Dufourd accepts the NOHVCC Hall of Fame award“We’re proud to be inducting Dick Dufourd into the NOHVCC Hall of Fame today,” said Ehnes, “for being the creator of the NOHVCC Trail Maintenance Workshop Curriculum, and the author of the ‘Great Trails’ guide (just released). He’s conducted hundreds of OHV Workshops across the country. He is a world-renowned OHV trail specialist, and my very good friend.”


Said Dufourd during the induction ceremony: “This is really an honor, and to listen to the people who are in the Hall of Fame and truly belong in it, I’m not sure I’m in that league yet.


“Along about 1990, I was a project engineer for the Forest Service. And because I rode dirt bikes, I was tasked to create a motorized trail system in the Deschutes National Forest. It was going to be the first designated, managed trail system in Oregon, and it was destined to be the largest trail system on a single Ranger District in the United States. That was a challenging experience, and it was the start of ‘Great Trails’.”


Dufourd named many people who helped him over the past 25 years. “Thank you to all those great people for helping me. There are young people here, that is great...’Great Trails’ will hopefully help many people to not make those same mistakes we made early on. So every trail you build can be a great trail. Thank you very much.”



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INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Deserving Individuals In Minnesota and Colorado

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer


The International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association (INOHVAA) held its annual awards ceremony on October 29, 2015, during the joint conference of INOHVAA and the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC). Two awards were presented this year.


INOHVAA Special Recognition Award: Leland Owens

Leland Owens was honored with a Special Recognition Award for his many years contributing to INOHVAA. He worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for 19 years, and for many of those years was an active member of INOHVAA. He was Chairman of the Safety, Education and Enforcement (SEE) Committee since its inception, and brought a lot of ideas and practices to that group. Owens was instrumental in getting his counterparts more active with each other on safety and enforcement topics, and was one of the most active members of INOHVAA during the past few years.


“Leland recently left the Minnesota DNR to pursue other interests, but his overall contributions cannot be overlooked,” said Chris Gamache, INOHVAA Chair. “His early leadership helped shape the organization into the self-supporting and viable entity it is today. Leland will be greatly missed by the INOHVAA membership. He is a great guy and a tremendously energetic and active counterpart.  All of our members are worthy of recognition and acknowledgement for their work, but Leland’s selfless efforts to make improvements for all is rare.”


INOHVAA Hall of Fame Award: Tom Metsa

Tom Metsa was inducted into the INOHVAA Hall of Fame. He is the OHV/Snowmobile Coordinator for the State of Colorado, and has held that position for over 13 years. He has been involved with INOHVAA since its origin, and before the group even had a name. Metsa stepped up as the first Co-Chair for INOHVAA. He helped shape the organization’s goals, and its communications between members and committees. Metsa also brought a lot of his experiences with snowmobile administrators to OHV administrators, which helped advance the organization quickly in the first few years. 


“Tom’s easy-going manner and willingness to address challenges made him the obvious choice for the group to vote in as Chairman several years ago,” said Gamache. “Tom has remained a very active member of the group and continues to be an active and engaged leader for INOHVAA. When others have been unwilling or unable to step up to leadership roles, Tom has accepted the challenges asked of him and helped forge the trail ahead for his fellow administrators.


“I consider Tom to be not only a peer, but a friend. Being able to acknowledge his early leadership and guidance for INOHVAA is something I am truly happy to be able to do.  His willingness to step forward and help shape the future for OHV administrators, and recreationists, is what is helping to keep INOHVAA focused and ever-improving.”



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NOHVCC Presents Awards To Eleven Outstanding Individuals And Organizations

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer


The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) recognized 11 individuals and organizations during the Celebration & Awards Dinner, held October 31st during the 2015 NOHVCC Annual Conference, in Folsom, California. The awards are presented in recognition of outstanding achievements that have promoted a “Positive Future For OHV Recreation.”


Association of the Year Award: New Mexico OHV Association

The Joanne Spivak accepts NMOHVA award from Russ and DanAssociation of the Year Award was presented to NMOHVA, “For their continued growth and development, and their efforts to preserve access for all OHV enthusiasts in New Mexico.” It was accepted by Joanne Spivack, whose activism for OHV rights is well known in the State. She is the NOHVCC State Partner in New Mexico, and one of the founders of NMOHVA, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014.


Club of the Year Award: Coconino Trail Riders

The Club of the Year Award was presented to the Coconino Trail Riders, located in Arizona: “For their outstanding efforts in assisting the Flagstaff Ranger District in creating and maintaining the Kelly OHV Trail System; For the vital part they played in making the NOHVCC OHV Trails Workshop (held in April, 2015, in Flagstaff) a great success; For their assistance in creating the Munds Park OHV Trail System on the Flagstaff Ranger District; and For their service as OHV Ambassadors for Arizona State Parks.”


Success Story Of The Year Award: Rattlesnake Bay OHV Area, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

“WDale Tallman accepts award from Steve Salisbury and Jack Terrelle got a call about 2 years ago that a trail system in Mississippi had been closed for 13 years,” explained Jack Terrell, NOHVCC Senior Project Manager. “Riders had been fighting to get it open. A lot of things worked against them. AMA and NOHVCC worked together on this. It was a great opportunity to partner with Steve Salisbury (American Motorcyclist Association Government Affairs Manager-Off Road). We had a grand opening in August of this year.” 


Accepting the award was Dale Tallman Jr., a member of the Friends of Rattlesnake Bay and the AMA member who contacted the organization to ask for assistance. “This is humbling and rewarding,” said Tallman. “I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and leadership and insight.”


Special Recognition Award: Great Outdoors Consultants, Drew Stoll and David Chester  

This award was presented to Great Outdoors Consultants, “For their continued support of the NOHVCC mission and the integral role they played in the BLM OHV Action Plan Project.”


“These guys have been great partners,” said NOHVCC President Russ Ehnes in presenting the award. “They never fail to deliver high-quality work that always exceeds what we expect. We’re proud to be partner with them.” 


Special Recognition Award: Ultimate Trail Consulting, Ron Potter

“We presRon Potter accepts award from Russ Ehnesent this award to Ron for his continued support of NOHVCC’s mission, and his role in the development of NOHVCC Management Solutions,” said Ehnes. “We appreciate all the great work you do for us.” 


In accepting the award, Potter said, “It’s been a privilege to continue working after retiring (following 37 years with the Minnesota DNR), and then work with NOHVCC and do what I really enjoy doing.”


Special Recognition Award: Clear Creek OHV Trails, Milton, Florida

This award was presented to Clear Creek OHV Trails, “For their contributions to creating a positive future for OHV recreation through the development of outstanding partnerships.”


“We did not have OHV riding areas in the far western panhandle. When our OHV program was started, that area was described as one needing an OHV area,” said Terrell. “Wayne Briske was an integral part of this project. The secret to making things happen is forming partnerships, and this is one of those projects with so many partnerships we couldn’t get all the names on the recognition plaque.”


The Clear Creek OHV Trails opened in April of 2015, giving riders of all skill levels on dirt bikes and ATVs 27 miles of trails. The North Florida South Alabama Motorcycle Club, Pensacola, was instrumental in moving the project forward, a process that took over 10 years. Briske, a member of the club, is also the NOHVCC Florida State Partner.


For more information on Clear Creek OHV Trails, see the August, 2015, NOHVCC Newsletter:


Program Manager of the Year Award: Brad Colin

Brad Colin is an Outdoor Recreation Planner, working out of the BLM Field Office in Butte, Montana. He is also the Travel Management Coordinator, and the Motorized Recreation Coordinator for the Pipestone OHV Area.


Said Ehnes during the presentation, “The award is for the turnaround of the Pipestone OHV area in Montana, and improved partnerships with local users and stakeholders. Brad has been instrumental in the creation of a grassroots method for managing OHV recreation, not only in the State but nationwide. Brad is the Master Performer for the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Together with him and a couple folks from Washington, we’ve been able to develop the National Action Plan or framework for a State-by-State action plan. I’ll take the award to him and pass on our thanks.”


Volunteer of the Year Award: Dale Tallman Jr.  

Dale Tallman Jr. was presented this award, “For his tireless work in creating the Friends of Rattlesnake Bay and developing the trail system at Rattlesnake Bay OHV Area.”


“I don’t know what to say,” said Tallman when accepting the award. “This is incredibly humbling. It pales in comparison to what you guys have done.” 


Perseverance Award: Alex Bub

Alex Bub accepts award from Dan KleenThis award was presented to Alex Bub, NOHVCC Wisconsin State Partner, “For his continued efforts to get off-highway motorcycles recognized legally in Wisconsin; For his role in the development of the Wisconsin OHV Association and his continued efforts to support it; For his continued effort in educating the riders of tomorrow; For his contributions to the field of acoustics and sound testing procedures.”


“I wasn’t expecting this, it’s very humbling,” said Bub. “We’ve been doing a lot of work these past couple of years in Wisconsin. It’s been a 10-year process to get an off-highway motorcycle registration program. We just got word today that we’re going to have public meetings on it. So it’s looking pretty promising. Thank you.”


Integrity Award: Jesse Neil 

Ehnes read the nomination for this award, as written by Jim Barrett, NOHVCC Louisiana State Partner: “I hold Jessie in high regard. With Jack (Terrell) and a few others helping, Jessie has been the key motivator in re-opening trails in Mississippi and Louisiana, when everyone else had given up. He is very deserving of the NOHVCC Integrity Award.”


“Jesse is a very humble man,” added Barrett at the awards presentation. “He certainly has been an inspiration to me. He’s a great asset to NOHVCC. He’s highly motivated and doesn’t know the meaning of quit or stop. He does a great job, and is another NOHVCC success story. Hats off to Jessie. He’s an amazing guy.”


Partner of the Year Award: Ken Kyler 

The Partner of the Year Award was presented to Ken Kyler, NOHVCC Maryland Associate State Partner, “For organization and leadership of the Maryland OHV Alliance. His partnership with the DNR to create a state-owned OHV park, and for securing training for land managers to understand OHV management and trail design.”

“He’s done a great job,” said Ehnes. “Congratulations to Ken on receiving this award.”




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Mixed Gear Bag

You know we have to be creative in our titles.  Miscellaneous is too normal and potpourri doesn't sound very rider like.  Below are up-coming events and other assorted items of interest. 


As part of our year long celebration, each month we will be asking a NOHVCC history trivia question.  All of the correct answers received will be put into a drawing for a prize.
Q:  Name three NOHVCC past or current board members who have been involved with the organization for over 10 years.

Send your answers to us at by December 18, 2015

Last month's question:
Q:  What are the names of the three Adventure Trail characters?
A:  Penny, Rascal, and AT

Tom Umphress answered last month's question correctly, without any help or hints.


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